• Experienced Professionals

    Experienced Professionals

At Mahindra, there are many opportunities for experienced professionals at any point in their career.  We welcome professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds to enrich our knowledge and bring new perspectives. 


Hiring Process


We seek professionals through internal references from current employees, job postings on popular job search portals, and recruitment consultants.



Depending on the seniority of the vacancy, candidates go through two or three rounds of interviews.  For middle management roles, we invite promising applicants to interview with the Senior Manager of the relevant department.  Next, the Head of Department conducts second-round interviews.   In most cases, the concerned Human Resources Manager will join the interview.  Offers are made soon after the second-round interview.


For senior management positions, candidates are interviewed by the Heads of Department, Human Resources, and the business.  The final interview is usually conducted by the President or Head of the Sector.


Growth Opportunities



Many of our senior level executives joined Mahindra at the beginning or midpoint of their careers and worked their way to the top through a series of promotions.  We groom our existing talent pool for senior positions through regular training and mentoring.



Our structure as a federation of more than 40 operating companies in diverse industries gives our employees unusual opportunity for growth. Employees can develop and pursue interest in almost any field of business by moving between Mahindra’s sectors.  We offer job rotation programs to match aspirations with business needs and vacancies.


For more information about the opportunities and work culture at Mahindra, explore the Life at Mahindra section.


For more information about the current openings in Automotive & Farm Equipment Sector (AFS),

Jay A. Shah

Jay is Sr. GM, Head - Cultural Outreach, Group Strategy Office at Mahindra & Mahindra

Vrinda Pisharody

Vrinda is Head of Internal Communications for Tech Mahindra.

Spotlight - Work Culture

Spotlight - Work Culture-video

V. Parthasarathy talks about our dynamic work culture

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