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    Global Recruit Program

Each year, we recruit five to seven graduates from top American universities to live and work with us in India for two years.  These Global Recruits improve our cultural fluency and spread our name internationally.  They bring new perspectives to the table that expand our creativity and globalize our outlook. In return, they gain an international perspective on business that will be indispensable as the global business landscape shifts.


As a Global Recruit, you’ll spend your first year in either a strategic consulting or a branding role at the Group Strategy Office (GSO).  You will be enabled, encouraged, and expected not only to participate in day to day operations, but also help make strategic decisions that have significant impact on Mahindra’s national and global business operations.


In your second year, you will be transferred from the GSO to one of Mahindra’s diverse corporate units where you will continue to work, learn and contribute to Mahindra’s global business operations. At the end of the second year, you may be invited to continue your tenure at Mahindra for a longer period of employment.


We encourage you to draw from your unique experiences and educational backgrounds to come up with your own ideas on new business initiatives and ways to improve existing ones.  Past Global Recruits have not only enabled us to revamp and realign our corporate and operational structures, but also to initiate new business entities and even a new grape exporting company.  The Global Recruit program affords an exceptional opportunity to gain high-responsibility business experience in an international context.


Karen Woodin-Rodríguez
Karen Woodin is a Manager at the Corporate Brand Council.
Alexander Boyce
Alexander Boyce is a Manager at Mahindra EPC.
Akeem Bailey
Akeem Bailey is a Deputy Manager in the Group Strategy Office.
Spotlight - Employees Speak

Spotlight - Employees Speak-video

Russel Mason (Harvard), shares his motivations for joining the GRP program.

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