We see our role as a major corporation both in India and in the world as an incredible opportunity to lead businesses towards sustainability.  Sustainability encompasses not only the conservation of our environment, but also a responsibility to every stakeholder—not only our shareholders, employees, and customers, but also the communities we impact and the suppliers we source from.  By making every aspect of our business sustainable, from creating fuel-efficient automobiles in green facilities to encouraging sustainable supply chain management to reducing office footprints, we affirm our commitment to a better world.


Beyond conducting business consciously and responsibly, we support our communities through many environmental and social initiatives.  We build schools and support educational programs for students of all ages. Our environmental initiatives include building greener facilities and planting one million trees across India. When people in need require medical help, we provide health and disaster relief. And we also embrace culture and sport through our festivals and youth sports leagues. No matter what you need to rise, we are here to provide it.

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