• Pride Schools

    Empowerment through livelihood training.

    Pride Schools

The Mahindra Pride School helps transform the lives of youth from socially and economically disadvantaged communities by providing livelihood training.  We give young people from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes access to skills that empower them to earn a livelihood for themselves and for their families.


We offer three-month training programmes in hospitality, customer relationship management, and IT-enabled services.  Each student also receives training in English, Life Skills, and Computer Applications.   We coordinate our training programmes with the skill manpower requirements of sunrise and booming sectors with high growth potential to make sure that all our students find rewarding employment after completing our courses.


We take great pride in the fact that since we began in 2007, we have set up five schools in Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Patna and over 9,300 students have gained employable skills.  We place 100 percent of our students, and campus interviews, repeat recruiters, and starting salaries are on the rise.