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“As the world gets increasingly interconnected, developments in geopolitics and geo-economics affect our lives in all sorts of unexpected ways. This is true for individuals, politicians, lawmakers, businessmen and citizens from all walks of life. There is a crying need for these issues to be studied and for civil society to have an awareness and understanding of their impact on our decisions and on our lives. I think the creation of an independent and non-affiliated body like Gateway House will go a long way towards filling this need. I compliment Gateway House for starting this initiative and am delighted to support it.”

—Anand  Mahindra


In 2009, Anand Mahindra joined forces with other business leaders and intellectuals to support the creation of the Indian Council on Global Relations, better known by its brand-name, Gateway House.  Independent, nonpartisan, and membership-based, Gateway House is a foreign policy think-tank established to engage India’s leading corporations and individuals in debate and scholarship on India’s foreign policy.


Gateway House seeks to draw the attention of leaders from the business, political, and social spheres to the geopolitical challenges facing India today.  As India is poised to play a transformative role in globalization and world affairs, it is simultaneously faced with extraordinary opportunities and extraordinary problems—terrorism, internal strife, a hostile neighborhood, poverty and a youthful population with high aspirations.


Indian business, with its increasing global footprint, has been leading diplomacy for at least a decade, but neither business nor government has leveraged this leadership to India’s advantage.  And although Mumbai is the home to India’s top businesses and at the heart of the changing international matrix, it lacks a platform to inform and influence foreign policy in New Delhi and around the world. Based in Mumbai, the country’s financial center, Gateway House will act as that vital intersection between business and foreign policy.


Gateway House is modeled on, and mentored by, the Council of Foreign Relations, New York (USA).  Join us as we raise awareness about foreign policy among Indians, produce and disseminate ideas and reports that stimulate the public debate on India’s foreign policy choices, and groom the next generation of Indian foreign policy leaders.