• Mahindra Consulting Services

    Mahindra Consulting Services

Our consulting services spread across two key areas in the evolution of the Indian business environment: information security and infrastructure development. As the business environment becomes more complex, competitive, and challenging, companies increasingly need expert guidance to optimize their non-core activities.


Through our consulting services, we help companies keep up with the fast-changing business climate. Our Special Services Group is constantly reevaluating its information security and risk management processes as the environment shifts, dealing with known threats and anticipating future risks.  Mahindra Water Utilities is partnering with the government to provide high quality water to businesses and homes in Tirupur, a critical region for the textile industry.  And Mahindra Consulting Engineers is shaping the development of infrastructure across the country, influencing the building blocks for regional economic growth. We are on the crest of the wave of the changing business world, smoothing the way forward for our clients across many key industries.