• Defense

    Leadership and security.


India's national security challenges are varied and complex, ranging from contested borders to regional peacekeeping to domestic unrest and natural disasters. As we become an economic and political leader in Southeast Asia and across the globe, we need better defense solutions to support us in our growing roles. Since the late 1990s, India has begun a systematic modernization and upgrade of its military equipment. A key component of this push is the indigenization of our defense supplies.


We've been involved with defense systems since 1947 when a licensing agreement allowed us to become importers, assemblers, and then adapters of the iconic Willys Jeeps used in WWII.  From there, we moved into designing and constructing our own line of armored vehicles to become the largest private sector supplier to the government.  We've now expanded into defense systems like sea mines, surveillance solutions, weapons, ammunition, and more. As India improves its national security capabilities, we want to be there providing cutting-edge technology based on decades of experience and care.


Our expertise, manufacturing strengths, and cost-efficient production also make our products useful to foreign governments and security organizations. We partner with several countries to bring them a range of defense solutions for use by police forces, the Army, and the Navy.


The Mahindra Group is not involved in the development, production, services, etc.  of anti-personnel mines and/or cluster munitions as defined by the Convention on Cluster Munitions/Mine Ban Treaty or components thereof or in production of nuclear weapons.