• Energy


The power sector in India presents a fascinating array of challenges and opportunities. As the economy grows rapidly, the need for a reliable and quality power supply becomes critical. Although the government has been paying increasing attention to the power sector in the last 10 years, demand continues to grow faster than supply capacity build-up. The demand-supply gap has created a huge demand for power back-up solutions across the industrial and economic spectrum of India.


We see incredible opportunity in this complex field. First, we envision bringing reliable and innovative power back-up solutions to India that ensure an uninterrupted power supply for all the critical sectors of the economy. Our line of diesel generators offers electricity backup to remote locations to power banks, hospitals, schools, businesses, and industry. And our Home Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems maintain reliable power when you experience an inconsistent supply at home.


Second, the advance of green energy technology is opening up a new path forward for India to install sustainable energy infrastructure the first time around. Drawing on our existing capabilities and market penetration, we are exploring ways to help India move directly to clean energy using solar power technologies.