• Mahindra Rural Housing Finance

    Mahindra Rural Housing Finance


We believe that the fastest and most sustainable way to provide housing for all Indians is through the private sector.  Continuing research and conversation led us to expand our services to establish Mahindra Rural Housing Finance as a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services in 2007. We’re working hard to expand credit access to low-income customers in rural and semi-urban India, and our customer base is already over 1,00,000 rural customers.


Our business model rests on empowering our customers to secure their own homes through reasonable and flexible home loans.  We provide loans for home purchase, construction, extension, and improvement so that people can transform their homes, and their lives.  For example, we finance home reconstruction to convert infirm mud structures to solid brick and mortar.  We also fund rehabilitative efforts like reflooring cement floors in tile.  Our housing finance services help people improve their own lives, whether it’s a small renovation or first-time construction.