• Mahindra Odyssea Boats

    Mahindra Odyssea Boats

Add a new dimension to your lifestyle with a leisure boat perfect for recreation, family outings, business meetings, or entertaining friends.  The Mahindra Odyssea brings you India’s plentiful lakes, backwaters, lagoons, and coastline like you’ve never seen them before.


The Mahindra Odyssea’s ergonomically designed center console is sleek and stylish with space for a full stereo system and navigation electronics.  The seats are wide, safe, and accommodating with safety and recreation equipment within easy reach underneath.  And the helm seats are ergonomically designed so your captain stays comfortable on long leisure trips.


Our state-of-the-art hull cuts smoothly over choppy waters with maximum fuel efficiency, treating you to exhilarating speeds without a splash.  And the web-enabled movement tracker uploads information on boat movement, distance traveled, and engine activity so you can monitor your boat’s usage. 


The Odyssea 35

Our flagship watercraft allows you to cruise in style. Our specially designed Deep ‘V’ trihedral hull offers a luxurious ride. If the beautifully finished teak deck, elegant bar counter and designer sun-shade aren’t enough, we also offer a host of customized branding options to reflect your personal taste. Our range of engine options, better weather tackling facilities and enhanced safety features means you can stay out for longer.

Make the Mahindra Odyssea truly yours by choosing the color scheme, sunshades, and even the finish of the decks.  We’ll help you select the ideal engine for your choice of water sports.  From waterskiing to a peaceful afternoon on the water, the Mahindra Odyssea brings you new opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Visit our website to learn more.



The Oddysea 33

With a range of over 100 nautical miles, and a top speed of over 40 knots, the Odyssea 33-footer is made for onboard entertainment. Invite up to twelve guests for a fun-filled cruise. Keep drinks cool in a special compartment underneath the seat. Coupled with a spacious deck, the aft seating and cockpit table are perfect for a family dinner or hors d’oeuvres. The fully-equipped washroom is spacious and private. And we’ve crafted an elegant bar counter with a sink with running water.


The Odyssea 22

Pick up fishing or water sports with the sporty Mahindra Odyssea 22.  Our 22-footer has plenty of space for six people plus one crew, perfect for a day on the water with your family or close friends. 





Did you know?

We are India's first manufacturer of leisure boats.

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