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Our work in Australia centers around aerospace, automotive, and farm equipment.  Through two companies, Gipps Aero and Aerostaff Australia, we are involved in every stage of aircraft production.  Aerostaff builds components and assemblies for major global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  You’ll find our parts in iconic aircraft from the Boeing 737 to the Gulfstream G150 to the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft.  Gipps Aero enters at the next stage of the process, producing, maintaining, and modifying fleets of light utility aircraft.  We also provide engineering consulting services to Seabird Aviation through Mahindra Engineering Services.


With the launch of our tractor assembly and customer support center in 2005, we established ourselves as a major player in the Australian tractor market. Today, we serve a loyal and growing customer base through a network of 40 dealerships across Australia, and we’ve expanded distribution to New Zealand and Fiji.


Finally, our automotive sector offers rugged multi-utility vehicles to adventurous Australian customers who relish their high performance both on and off the road.

Spotlight – Customers Speak

Spotlight – Customers Speak-video

Find out why our customers in Australia love their Mahindra tractors.