• Asia


Our activities in Asia span agribusiness and farm equipment, automotive, components, consulting services, defense, energy, IT, industrial equipment, and leisure and hospitality. 


Our involvement in agriculture includes the distribution of fresh produce to retailers in Southeast Asia through Mahindra Shublabh Services and the production of tractors for use in China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.  In the past few years, we’ve initiated two joint ventures in China to manufacture top-quality tractors suited to Chinese farming conditions and practices.


We also support rural areas of Bangladesh and Nepal with our Powerol diesel generator sets, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply to support productivity at work and living standards at home.


Mahindra vehicles are at work transporting goods and people in Malaysia, and the Mahindra Reva electric car enjoys a presence.  Our automotive consulting company, Mahindra Engineering Services, works with both Yamaha and Nissan to develop better products and better production systems.  We sell our state-of-the-art Rakshak armored vehicles to the government of Nepal through our defense products company, Defence Land Systems.  And in 2011, we acquired the Ssangyong Motor Company, a major Korean utility vehicle and sedan manufacturer.


We also sell automotive components to leading Asian companies.  Mahindra Forgings clients include Maruti and Suzuki, Mahindra Hinoday serves Mitsuba, and Mahindra Ugine Steel Co supplies Toyota.


From its office in Singapore, Mahindra Special Services Group consults with companies to create corporate security solutions spanning information and physical security systems.  Bristlecone, our supply chain management consulting firm, also operates from Singapore. We also collaborate with Tsubakimoto Bulk Systems of Japan on bulk handling systems to deliver the best in industrial equipment to our clients.


Last but not least, Club Mahindra resorts and Club Mahindra Travel take vacationers on unforgettable trips through Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.  All told, Club Mahindra has 4,600 affiliates in more than 90 countries.