Our Purpose

We’ve made humanity’s innate desire to Rise our driving purpose: we will challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all our resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to Rise. Our purpose is why we exist and why we come to work every day, infusing our lives with meaning, and galvanizing us to deliver our promise.

1Challenge Conventional Thinking

In thought and deed, we ask for no limits and we accept none. Where people see problems, we see possibilities. Breakthroughs, not barriers. We dare to not only do, but dare to disturb the universe itself.

2Innovative Use of Our Resources

Our first instinct is not to find the right answer, but to question the question itself. As we relentlessly seek to break fresh ground and solve problems, alternative thinking and the ingenious use of resources drive us forward.

3Enabling People to Rise

We work for the greater good. Advancing humankind. Connecting the world. Reducing its distances. Inhabiting our customers’ world means co-creating lasting, positive change in their lives.


"Rise" is a call to action. To challenge the status quo. To think alternatively. To always drive positive change. It’s also our purpose. Read on, to see how we live our purpose.



It was supposed to be impossible. People said we just couldn't do it. So we did.


G'Day from the Skies, Mate!

It rescues animals. It puts out wildfires. It helps grow crops. It taxies people in and out of some of the world's remotest places


The Anniversary

You wake up. She's left you a note by the dresser - one of her colleagues called in sick, and so she's left to teach an early class

Our Values

Our set of core values is the compass that guides our actions, both personal and corporate.