Mahindra Conveyor Systems enters into Joint Venture with Tsubaki Group Japan

Left to Right:  Mr. Takashi Kushida - Senior Manager, Global Business Department, Tsubakimoto Chain Co.; Mr. Hideaki Haruna - Director, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Materials Handling Division, Tsubakimoto Chain Co.; Mr. Yohei Kataoka - Senior Corporate Adviser, Tsubakimoto Chain Co.; Mr. Zhooben Bhiwandiwala - Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, Mahindra Partners Division; Mr. Yoshihito Horii – Manager, Overseas Operations, Tsubakimoto Bulk Systems Corp.; Mr. Ravindra Vaidya, CEO Mahindra Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. at the MCS factory in Pirangut, Pune.

August 4, 2014, Mumbai: Mahindra Conveyor Systems Private Limited (MCS), a leading supplier of Material Handling Equipment and Systems, and a part of Mahindra Partners Division of the USD 16.5 billion Mahindra Group today announced that it has strengthened its partnership with Tsubaki Group, Japan.  Tsubaki and MCS already have an existing tie-up for technical know-how and Tsubaki has now gained majority (51%) holding in MCS, to assist it in making inroads into new markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. MCS will be renamed as Mahindra Tsubaki Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala, Executive Vice-President & Managing Partner – Mahindra Partners Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Mr. Isamu Osa, President, Tsubakimoto Chain Co., Japan signed the JV agreement recently in Osaka, Japan. Mr. Yohei Kataoka Sr. Advisor, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. and Mr. Bhiwandiwala formally announced the changes to the partnership at MCS’s factory in Pirangut near Pune on 1st Aug 2014.

“Our partnership with Tsubaki in MCS is an opportunity to service our customers more efficiently and brings together talented technical and management teams. We are excited about MCS’ future in this new combination and look forward to working together on its growth and value creation,” said Mr. Bhiwandiwala.

 “We are delighted to extend our long and enduring partnership with Mahindra Conveyor Systems which has emerged as a complete solution provider for Material Handling Systems for the Cement, Power, Chemicals, Mineral Processing and Auto sectors. The JV will now enable us to carry out large scale manufacturing and sale of Unit Handling Systems for supplies not only in India but to markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We will also actively invest in people and technology for growth of the JV,” said Mr. Kataoka.

“Our relationship with the Tsubaki Group spans over two decades and this JV will see our partnership enter a new phase. Tsubaki supplies equipment to a variety of users from manufacturing plants, warehouses and research facilities across a very wide spectrum of industries including automotive, steel, appliances, beverage, IT, pharmaceutical, etc. The company will now bring this expertise to the JV which will immensely benefit our Indian customers,” said Mr. Ravindra Vaidya who has now been elevated to the post of Managing Director of MCS.

MCS specialises in supply of Bulk Material Handling Equipment and Systems to cement and other process industries. The company has recently diversified into supply of Unit Handling Systems comprising of conveyors for auto and auto component manufacturing. This includes highly advanced conveyor systems for Paint Shop, Vehicle Assembly and other requirements.

Tsubakimoto Chain, or Tsubaki, is a Japanese company founded in 1917 and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in just three years’ time. Annual sales for FYE2014 was 178 billion yen or US$1.7 billion. Tsubaki’s main business divisions are Chain, PTUC (Power Transmission Units and Components), Automotive Parts and Material Handling Operations.

About Mahindra Conveyor Systems

Mahindra Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. (MCS) specializes in supply of Material Handling Equipment and Systems.  The Bulk Material Handling products range of  MCS includes Chain and Belt Bucket Elevators, Chain Conveyors, Pan Conveyors and Feeders, for Cement, Chemicals, Fertilizers and other process industries .The Company has recently diversified into Unit Material Handling products including Overhead Conveyors, Floor Conveyors and Transfer systems for the Automotive industry. The Company has a supply record of over 2000 installations in India and abroad and has a well-equipped manufacturing facility at Pirangut near Pune.

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About Tsubaki

Founded in 1917, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. - an Osaka-based corporation - is the world's premiere manufacturer and developer of power transmission products, with strong market positions in premium-quality chains, power transmission units and components, and automotive timing chain drive systems.

In addition, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is a leader in the development and production of factory automation systems, physical distribution systems, electronic control devices and has a particularly strong presence in the automotive, steel, pharamaceutical and machine tooling industries. Tsubakimoto Chain Co., which employs over 7,000 people globally, operates factories worldwide and its network of sales subsidiaries and affiliates markets its products in more than 70 countries.

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About Mahindra

The Mahindra Group focuses on enabling people to rise through solutions that power mobility, drive rural prosperity, enhance urban lifestyles and increase business efficiency.

A USD 16.5 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, Mahindra employs more than 180,000 people in over 100 countries. Mahindra operates in the key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in tractorsutility vehiclesinformation technology, financial services  and vacation ownership. In addition, Mahindra enjoys a strong presence in the agribusiness, aerospace, components, consulting services, defence, energy, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, retail, steel, commercial vehicles and two wheeler industries.

In 2014, Mahindra featured on the Forbes Global 2000, a comprehensive listing of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, as measured by revenue, profit, assets and market value. The Mahindra Group also received the Financial Times ‘Boldness in Business’ Award in the ‘Emerging Markets’ category in 2013.

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