• Europe


Our presence in Europe is anchored in several industries.  In agriculture, we’re a major supplier of small, rugged, high performance tractors to Serbia, Turkey, and Macedonia.  We also export fresh Indian produce to European retailers through Mahindra ShubhLabh Services.


We’re deeply involved with the European automotive industry. We sell many Mahindra vehicles across Europe, including on of the largest deployed fleets of electric cars under the Mahindra Reva brand. Our automotive components companies, Mahindra Forgings, Mahindra Composites, Mahindra Hinoday, Mahindra Gears and Transmissions, and Mahindra Ugine Steel Co manufacture a range of high quality parts for outstanding European companies including Volvo, Scania, Land Rover, Daimler, and Renault, to name a few.  We have plants across Germany, the UK, and Italy. Our motorcycle racing divison, Mahindra Racing, is based out of Switzerland and Italy and successfully competes in the Moto3 world championship and the Italian national championship.


Finally, we provide a comprehensive range of consulting services to European clients.  The Mahindra Special Services Group operates from London and Waldorf, bringing clients complete corporate security solutions in an increasingly risky business environment. Bristlecone, our supply chain consulting and business process outsourcing firm, maintains offices in Germany and the UK and serves clients like Unilever, BP, and Nestle. Tech Mahindra brings cutting edge information and communication technology to leaders in diverse industries and is the transformation partner for major wireline, wireless and broadband operators including British Telecom and Vodafone.


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