Innovation at Mahindra

We believe that innovation has to be at the core of our business. Our aspiration to become one of the most admired brands in the world demands such an outlook, and requires the collaboration of everyone across the organization. Read on, to find out if our efforts are paying off.

Our Philosophy

Aligned to our core purpose of empowering people everywhere to Rise, making superior, advanced technology as accessible as possible guides all our innovation and technology development efforts.

Our 5 S Framework to Innovate

Our 5 S framework details our approach in how we bring our innovation philosophy to life within the Group. The first two S’s refer to the context in which innovation takes place, and the latter three S’s to its construct.

  1. Space

    for innovative ideas to flow, we need both mental and physical space to ponder over solutions to critical problems. We understand and encourage this non-linear approach, one where you disconnect from the world to focus on the problem at hand, be it listening to music or walking alone on a beach.

  1. Self-indulgent Creativity

    this involves solving problems that you are passionate about and indulge in, but which may not be directly linked to your day-to-day work.

  1. Simplicity

    is always a virtue when trying to solve any problem, and we view finding simple solutions to complex problems as a true hallmak of an innovative genius.

  1. Sans ('without', in French)

    is something that we at Mahindra thrive at. We pride ourselves in overcoming complex challenges ‘without’ enough capital, technology, or skilled human resources. Our ability to deliver more with less is fundamental to who we are.

  1. Sustained Experimenting

    they say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Unless we experiment with ideas, pilot them, and learn from our experiences, we will never make bold decisions. The learning loops formed by sustained experimentation are critical to innovation.

Our R&D

At Mahindra, building a global brand is our defining aspiration. And we recognise that we cannot achieve this without moving up the technology curve, developing innovative products and services to attract and retain customers globally. From our humble beginning as an automotive and tractor manufacturer, we've made rapid strides in product development. In our ambition to be a technology and innovation-led brand, we began serious investments in building capabilities and infrastructure in the mid-2000s. Today, we are working on next-gen technologies and innovations in centres across India, USA, South Korea and Europe, with a focus on vehicle safety, eco-friendliness, connected cars, superior vehicle performance, and on network solutions, cloud computing and mobility in IT.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are not just about men in lab coats and state-of-the-art equipment. They're global hubs of discovery, and part of our neural network of innovation that powers us forward.

Mahindra North America Technical Centre - Detroit, Michigan
European Technical Base, Italy - High performance bikes
India R&D centers (Pune-Two Wheelers, Bangalore-Electric Vehicles, Chennai-Automotive & Tractors)
SsangYong, South Korea - Automotive
Mahindra North America Technical Centre - Detroit, Michigan
European Technical Base, Italy - High performance bikes
India R&D centers (Pune-Two Wheelers, Bangalore-Electric Vehicles, Chennai-Automotive & Tractors)
SsangYong, South Korea - Automotive
Mahindra North America Technical Centre - Detroit, Michigan
European Technical Base, Italy - High performance bikes
India R&D centers (Pune-Two Wheelers, Bangalore-Electric Vehicles, Chennai-Automotive & Tractors)
SsangYong, South Korea - Automotive

Technology Focus

We're hard at work on a host of innovations. Here's a peek into what we're upto.

Internet of the FutureInternet of the FutureInternet of the Future

Internet of the Future

Ever thought of a world where machines can interact with each other? That world is not far away. Today, Internet of things (IOT) is changing the way machines help us do more everyday. Internet is no longer just about connecting people. Its about connecting things.

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Mahindra Technical Center in US.Mahindra Technical Center in US.Mahindra Technical Center in US.

Mahindra in Detroit

An Indian automaker dares to dream big. Our new technical center in Detroit is driving our global SUV ambitions.

Arjun NovoArjun NovoArjun Novo

Tomorrow's Technology...Today

Our aim is to bring tomorrow's technology alive in today's products. Arjun Novo is one such product. Its unprecedented technical features make it one of the most hi-tech and futuristic tractors in its class. It is a rare combination of high-end product performance and fuel economy.

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Our Output

We are breaking barriers to make technology and innovation accessible. To all.

TivoliCombining style, luxury and performance

Leading-edge design combining luxury, style and performance. Tivoli offers a level of attention to detail, driving experience and premium features usually found only in high-end more expensive vehicles. Some of its key innovations include:

e-XGi60 Engine

The e-XGi60 1.6 litre petrol engine delivers optimal performance for both urban and motorway driving with excellent NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).                         


AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission is engineered to improve fuel effeciency and minimize power loss.                           

ISG System

The Idle Stop and Go (ISG) system minimizes needless ticking over while the vehicle is at a standstill, improving fuel econony.                   

Get on Board!

With great style, class-leading safety and dynamic driving, the Tivoli is ready to take you to new places.                           

Smart Steer

The Smart Steer system offers normal, comfort and sport steering modes enabling the driver to adjust according to driving conditions.                        

Our Programmes

Innovation is all about creating ecosystems, both within and outside the organization. This is how we do just that.

World ClassFrom India

What will it take to make the phrase, ‘World Class from India’ a reality? Can ‘Made in India’ mean ‘Best in the World’? Can India be the next innovation superpower? And where do you fit into this story? These are the questions we seek to answer with 'World Class From India', a first-of-its-kind Google Hangout series that features some of India’s top thinkers and practitioners of the art of innovation, part of our mission to Spark the Rise of India and its latent innovative capabilities.

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As India's biggest ever innovation challenge, the USD 1 Million Rise Prize aims to spur breakthrough innovations from India that capture the mainstream imagination. It is an enabler of disruptive change, and a catalyst to bring about world beating ideas from India. The Prize's ultimate goal is to change the way we live, work and play.

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We are the principal sponsors of Baja SAE INDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers, India), an event organized for under-graduate engineering students under the guidance of the Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. The event is a design competition in which teams from universities the world over design, build, and race all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) against each other.

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Mahindra Innovation Awards

Instituted in 2003, "Mahindra Innovation Awards" has been a successful platform for encouraging and recognizing path-breaking and disruptive work. We award in four major categories - process, product, business model and failed innovation. The unconventional but highly successful "Failed Innovation" category was introduced a few years ago to promote the powerful idea that it is better to try and innovate than to not try at all.

In 2012, we introduced the "Mahindra Innovation Mela (festival)" as a platform to spotlight innovative work done by teams, to inspire fellow employees to innovate, and most importantly, to offer a forum for conversations between businesses to discover synergies and collaborate.

Our Partners

Innovation can never be possible in silos. It is an outcome of collaboration. Find out who some of our partners are on this journey.


With partnerships the world over, SsangYong recently, signed an MoU with POSCO to develop lightweight trucks, and with Korean Automotive Technology Institute for intelligent solutions


Mahindra Electric works with the Central Electrochemical Research Institute in India, focusing on developing lithium ion batteries.

research valley

Mahindra Research Valley partners with India's leading engineering colleges and management institutes to foster a culture of innovation and engage young, vibrant minds.