FUTURISE shapes our ambition to transform ourselves into a global innovation powerhouse driven by technology. But how do we create the future we want? At Mahindra, our approach to innovation is rooted in three guiding principles that bind us and form our core belief. It empowers us with purpose and direction. It guides all our business investment actions and embodies our commitment to our people and the planet.

Do more with less

Look around you. Product life cycles are shrinking. Distances are reducing. And resources are depleting. Increasingly, the world is learning to achieve more with less. And businesses are no exception. We believe that the winners of the future are those who can derive more output from every unit of input. At Mahindra, we have been doing this for some time, and our aim is to take it to the next level.

Do it together

World-class innovations don't come from just the four walls of a company. Tomorrow belongs to those who can cut across sectors, competition and borders to develop innovations for the market. Success will not hinge on 'how well one performs' but on 'how well one collaborates.' Going forward, we will seek synergies and foster powerful partnerships to multiply the power of ideas.

Do it for all

Technology is most powerful when it is put in the hands of more and more people. Tomorrow will only be better if it is more inclusive. Businesses that create accessible innovations, and strive to improve the quality of life of every person on the planet, will own the future. Because what use is technology if it is in the hands of only a chosen few?

Focus areas of FUTURISE

100,000 underprivileged girls educated

Provided access to healthcare to 72,000+ people in remote areas

9 million trees planted all over India

Water positive as a group

Building a Neural Network of innovation centres


Figures above apply to M&M + MVML Ltd.

Innovating for tomorrow


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