Your Company continuously strives for excellence in its IR engagement with International and Domestic investors and has set up feedback mechanism to measure IR effectiveness. Structured conference calls and periodic investor/analyst interactions including one-on-one meeting, participation in investor conferences, quarterly earnings calls and annual analyst meet with the Chairman, Managing Director and Business Heads were organized during the year. Your Company interacted with around 670 Indian and overseas investors and analysts (excluding quarterly earnings calls and specific event related calls) during the year. Your Company always believes in leading from the front with emerging best practices in IR and building a relationship of mutual understanding with investor/analysts. As a key milestone in this continuing endeavor, your Company created this digital interactive annual review of the Company's performance to provide an interactive experience beyond what is available in the Annual Report. The Company had created its first Integrated Report (for Financial Year 2017). Your Company also continues to organize con-call on Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) for analysts and investors, which has received excellent feedback from investors and ESG analysts for this pioneering initiative. Your Company ensures that critical information about the Company is available to all the investors by uploading all such information at the Company's website. Your Company has created a 'Group Investor Relations Council' to share best practices across all the listed group companies and learn from each other

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