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Rising to India's Defence


Home Newsroom Rising to India's Defence
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : ESG   Published : 1/11/2021


Since its inception in 1945, the Mahindra Group's destiny has always been intertwined with that of India, a country that would shake off its colonial yoke to take its rightful place in the world two years later. This common destiny was not forged by chance, but rather by design, emerging from Mahindra's co-founders JC and KC Mahindra's patriotism. The brothers had a noble vision — start a company that would help India meet its emerging needs for steel, automobiles and later farm equipment.

This was also the thought that led the Mahindra Group to enter the Defence and Aerospace sectors — to provide the country with technologically advanced equipment, yet relevant to the needs of India's defence and security forces. Even before the formal establishment of this business, Mahindra had a long association with the defence forces. One of the founding businesses of the Group was the trading of surplus Jeeps in India after World War II.

Fast forward to the present day, and it is very obvious, that the Indian government is focused on developing indigenous capabilities in the Defence and Aerospace sector, which is strategic in nature and key to protecting the sovereignty of the nation. In addition, this sector would also push to the growth of India's manufacturing sector, create many more jobs, and contribute to economic growth.

Mahindra Defence and Aerospace Sector is leading the Group's foray into this exciting new industry. The core philosophy of our Defence business is to protect those who protect us. The focus is on designing and developing equipment that can help defence personnel fighting in adverse operating conditions.



Mahindra's military equipment journey, which began 75 years ago with soft top Jeeps, reached fruition with the indigenous design and development of new vehicles that offer protection to not only the Indian Army but are also deployed with UN peacekeeping forces around the world. Mahindra Defence is the first private sector company in India to develop multiple variants of specialist vehicles for use by the security forces.

Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV) is a key product, which has been designed and developed by Mahindra Defence within 24 months. The vehicle has successfully passed rigorous trials conducted by the Indian Army in multiple terrains, operating successfully in temperatures ranging from a scorching 45°C in the Thar Desert to a freezing -15°C in the Himalayas. The vehicle provides a high degree of ballistics protection and excellent manoeuvrability over rugged terrain.

Mahindra also provides armoured vehicles for Indian security forces and various foreign missions, including UN organisations. Further, it has also designed and built the Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicle (WRV), which has been deployed with the UN Peacekeeping Forces.

Similarly, the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 6x6 (MRAP) Vehicle, which has been developed indigenously by Mahindra Defence, is exported to friendly countries for deployment with UN Peacekeeping Forces. The MRAP vehicle has been customised with Interrogation arms to lift road-side IEDs, and serves as an ambulance to evacuate casualties from operational areas. Mahindra's MRAP vehicles proudly carry the blue flag of the UN and help in maintaining peace across the globe.



Similarly, in the extremely demanding and precision focussed Aerospace industry, Mahindra Aerostructures has established itself as a reliable partner in global supply chains. In fact, if you look closely, there is 'Mahindra' inside almost every type of aircraft flying in the skies today.

Mahindra's foray into the Defence and Aerospace sectors also extends to other product lines protecting security forces across multiple domains. The company is working to deliver airborne and airport surveillance radars, hi-tech simulator-based training for Air Force pilots and advanced equipment like an Integrated, Anti-Submarine Warfare Suite and Torpedo Defence Systems for the Indian Navy.

In line with the Group's Rise philosophy, Mahindra Defence also strives to improve citizen security and provide rapid emergency services. Mahindra Homeland Security Division is India's largest private player in the Emergency Response System (Dial 112) domain serving over 35 crore people during health, fire, crime and domestic violence emergencies.

Mahindra's Defence and Aerospace division epitomises the Mahindra Group's philosophy of doing business for the greater good of the nation, and it remains committed to serving the needs of India by providing protection and security solutions in multiple domains. Significantly, the sector is making sincere and dedicated efforts to help the country become 'Atma Nirbhar' in this vital industry.

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