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P Verma - I Am An Expression Of The Diversity Of Nature


Home Newsroom P Verma - I Am An Expression Of The Diversity Of Nature
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 6/23/2023

Presenting the story of P Verma next in our #RiseWithPride series which celebrates the inspiring spirit of our associates who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“I was born as an ‘intersex’ baby. After initially hiding my gender, they spread the news about the birth of a son. As a child, I had a sense of conflict – being free to explore my feminine side at home while being forced to present as a male child before society.

In our society, children like us are told to ‘behave’ or hijras would come to take them away. Imposing such beliefs on a young impressionable mind, made my school days far from normal. I faced insults, threats, abuse, and social ostracizing. I never understood why.

After school, I thought it would be a fresh start for me. But in college, I experienced a harsher form of harassment - from unapproving stares to pranks. Just because I was a female transgender, the kids from ‘decent’ households were told to keep their distance from me. It may sound trivial but things like not being invited to birthday parties really hurt me.

They say that for a woman to succeed, she must work twice as hard as a man. As a female transgender individual, I can attest to the truth in that statement and then some more. I worked thrice as hard. My academic journey stands as a testament to my commitment and passion for knowledge. I hold a graduation degree in Business Management with distinction. Furthermore, I pursued my master’s degree in business management, specializing in the field of Information Technology.

Despite my brilliant academic record, I had to face challenges at every step once I entered the competitive professional world. My life completely changed with the landmark judgement by the Supreme Court, recognizing transgender people as the 'third gender'. Finally, I had a chance to pursue IMA-approved medical treatments.

While coming out to my loved ones was not as smooth, I finally found a workplace that accepted me for who I am- and valued me for merit. Joining the Tech Mahindra LGBTQIA+ community gave me the courage, and the emotional, financial, and medical support to pursue gender-affirming care.

I want to work towards a world where there are no ‘others’ in society, only ‘us’. Spread the love so that we #RiseForAMoreEqualWorld.”

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