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The surge in the number of people inhabiting urban centres gives rise to numerous challenges – in housing, infrastructure, transportation, energy, employment, healthcare and education. A deeper reliance on ICT is inevitable. Digital disruptions including the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Automation and Block Chain will revolutionise the way cities are built and governed.

Our solutions transform cities into meta-performing connected ecosystems – making life easy and efficient. We are equipping them with smart interconnected network systems, intelligent mobility systems, big data analytics, cloud, safety and security solutions.

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ICT is what makes a smart city truly citizen-centric. It facilitates easier delivery of public services – trickling down to a better quality of life.


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IT is the key to making resource-constrained cities engines of future growth. We believe in planning for a citywide architecture that delivers services to transcend departmental boundaries. We are well-positioned to manage end-to-end operations for a smart city – energy management, transportation, public safety, water and waste management – through UMAC (Unified Monitoring and Command Centre).

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Increased penetration of smart phones and cloud-based data storage are catalysts for new-age computation. The ability to analyse meta data is crucial in servicing the needs of any postmillennial city. Our capabilities in this space include developing a state-of-the-art ‘data hub’which supports the acquisition and analytics of massive amounts of data ofan entire city. Data spans across energy and water consumption; transportation; satellite imagery; social and economic datasets; and crowd-sourced data from social media or specialised apps. In addition, we have also enabled 70 government agencies of a city to discover, share, and analyse more than 360 layers of geospatial data.

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The ability to connect citizens to their devices, vehicles, and buildings leads to an explosion of opportunities in a newly integrated world. One key area is energy. Our Smart Energy Platform features a gateway to integrate devices and a smart meter to assimilate real-time data from all energy-consuming home appliances – empowering residents to manage their own energy consumption. In mobility, we are connecting vehicles to their owners through the technology of telematics – where commuters can remotely control their vehicles. In healthcare, we are making Remote Patient Monitoring, or ‘connected care’ a reality through the power of IoT.

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The revolution of Block Chain allows data ledgers to be distributed and hosted across a network. Apart from being universally accessible, this also makes it unhackable and tamperproof, allowing for a robust reserve of any data records. Through block-chain technology, we are also enabling consumers to digitally purchase energy directly from local renewable energy producers – with no involvement of middlemen.

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Our unique combination of capabilities in both the communications and enterprise domains positions us well in the digital marketplace. We are excited to be part of the ambitious vision and eager to transform Milton Keynes to a smart city.
CP Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra


Smart central command centre at Mahindra World City, Jaipur (MWCJ)


It is imperative to have enhanced infrastructure monitoring and resource efficiency in a smart city. Information and Communication Technologies is needed to create the cities of tomorrow.

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A smart central command centre has been set up at MWCJ with the features given below:

  • Smart street lights and smart meter
  • Smart Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Smart security system
  • Smart parking and smart waste management
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The smart solutions help Mahindra World City, Jaipur in numerous ways.

  • Smart street lights reduce burn time leading to 20-30% in energy savings
  • Smart BEMS leads to reduction in carbon emissions up to 25-30% for street lights and up to 50-60% for indoor lights
  • Smart parking saves time and fuel significantly which helps reduce atmospheric pollution and congestion. As a result, CO₂ emissions reduce by 5-10%.
  • Live monitoring of key strategic areas through high-end IP cameras. Feeds can be viewed using a mobile device anywhere in the world.

Community Action Platform for Energy (CAPE) for Milton Keynes, UK


Help communities and businesses in Milton Keynes, a town in the UK, to make their use of energy cheaper and more sustainable.

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  • CAPE is an innovative project which brings together citizens, local authorities and suppliers to develop local energy schemes, such as neighbourhood insulation and roof-mounted solar panels
  • It includes a free-to-use advanced analytics platform combining energy, satellite, aerial, social and economic data into targeted insights
  • It enables citizens to plan and run community energy projects and offer them to suppliers, including local businesses
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Milton Keynes will be the first city in the UK to host CAPE. It will lead to the following benefits:

  • Citizens will be able to cut their energy bills and thereby, reduce their carbon footprint
  • Suppliers will save on administration and installation costs by bidding for the schemes and selling in volume

Converting Milton Keynes into a smart city


Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and a great economic success story. However, sustainable growth without exceeding the infrastructure capacity, and whilst meeting key carbon reduction targets, is a major challenge.


  • MK:Smart is a large collaborative initiative partly funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England) and led by The Open University
  • Central to the project is the creation of a state-of-the-art ‘data hub’ which supports the acquisition and analytics of massive amounts of data of an entire city 
  • Data spans across energy and water consumption; transportation; satellite imagery; social and economic datasets; and crowd-sourced data from social media or specialised apps


MK Smart Data Hub has led to innovation in the areas of transport, energy and water management, tackling key demand issues. In addition to the technical solutions, the project also comprises education, business and community management activities.





Our Company

Under Tech Mahindra, we offer innovative and customer-centric IT experiences. Our digital design experiences and innovation platforms connect across a number of technologies to deliver tangible business value for the smart cities of tomorrow.