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The future of mobility is clean, connected, shared and seamless – everything a smart city should offer. Tomorrow’s cities should not only have offices adjoining residential areas to reduce “rush hour traffic”, but also smarter traffic systems.

Having pioneered EVs in India – and being the only OEM with a wide portfolio of EVs – we are excited to create mobility solutions tailored to meet the requirements of a smart city. Our expertise in building intelligent transportation systems, smarter parking solutions and easy-to-handle mobility products like the GenZe range of electric scooters and bikes – all make a smart city more integrated and convenient to get around.

Thought Mobility

Clean mobility gives you more smiles per hour.


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Green Mobility


Long before ‘go green’ became the rallying cry for urban shuttle, we sparked the EV movement in ‘96 with the ‘Bijilee’ – India’s first electric auto rickshaw. Since then we’ve committed to seeing clean technologies permeate the entire value chain of mobility – from our green manufacturing facilities to the materials used in production. The Mahindra e2oPlus, our most recent launch, is a clever car that can outsmart the evils of pollution and congestion in a city. Outside India, we also designed and developed a cool electric scooter for the US market – the GenZe 2.O.

Smart Traffic Management


Cities of the future will connect traffic signals to cars, for real-time debottlenecking. We’re already making strides towards this through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) at 18 locations in Lucknow. Smart parking is no longer a pipedream; at Mahindra World City Jaipur, we are saving valuable time for commuters by guiding them to precise parking spots that are available.

Connected Vehicles


The meteoric advancements in IT have made previously-unimaginable features a reality in mobility. The launch of DigiSense makes us the first OEM in India to integrate our product line-up onto a cloud-based technology platform. It allows for facilities such as geo fencing, vehicle tracking, remote monitoring of vehicle health, breakdown assistance, route planning, among others. What’s more, our most recent EV launch, the Mahindra e2o Plus has world-first technologies such as REVive®. Through telematics, one can give a boost of power to the car when its battery drains out – just by clicking a button on an app!

Transport infrastructure


We have expertise in designing and building multilevel car parks, intelligent bus terminuses and even airports. Our traffic and transit management centre in Bengaluru serves to streamline the cities bus traffic. We are one of the largest providers of logistics, and our Dock Intelligent Scheduling Application (Disha) takes care of any type of warehouse congestion.

India can become the first country of its size which will run 100 per cent of electric vehicles. We are trying to make this programme self-financing.
Piyush Goyal,
MoS (Independent Charge) - Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy, GOI

Connecting vehicles through DigiSense


Enable the customers to digitally build knowledge of their vehicle’s location and performance in real time.


  • DigiSense makes use of a Connectivity Control Unit (CCU) in the vehicle. This unit has a SIM card, data plan and GPS unit
  • The unit sends the positional and vehicular data to DigiSense cloud throughout the day
  • The DigiSense cloud acts as the information hub. It is powered by a state-of-the-art flexible cloud (server) that stores and processes information received from different connectivity units.
  • The processed information is then sent to the customers through the mobile app or web


DigiSense is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform for connecting vehicles. It can be of great benefit to fleet owners, individual owners, drivers and Mahindra dealers due to the features listed below:

  • Vehicle tracking and alert notification in real time
  • Route planning and fuel indicator
  • Geo fencing
  • Breakdown assistance and remote engine diagnostics
  • Reports dashboard and health monitoring

Creating vehicles of tomorrow


Provide mobility solutions that are clean, convenient, connected, clever and cost-effective.


  • We make sure that clean technologies permeate through the entire value chain of mobility – from our manufacturing facilities to the materials used in production
  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bengaluru has been designed keeping sustainable manufacturing in mind where every drop and joule count
  • Keeping in mind that motorsport serves as a laboratory for the development of new technologies, we are among the ten global teams competing in Formula E – the fully electric street racing championship


  • We sparked the EV movement in India way back in 1996 with India’s first electric auto rickshaw – the ‘Bijlee’
  • We are the only EV manufacturer in India with personal, fleet and commercial vehicles
  • Outside India, we have developed and designed a cool electric scooter for the US market – the Genze 2.O
  • More than 10 million kilometers were driven in our smart cars – the e2O & e2OPlus, in 2016
  • Our EV facility in Bengaluru is India’s first automobile plant to be rated as ‘Platinum’ by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Intelligent Bus Terminuses in Bengaluru


Streamline the city bus traffic and provide convenient facilities to the users at four locations in Bengaluru – Shanti Nagar, Koramangala, Banashankari and Kengeri.


  • Traffic Transit Management Centres (TTMCs) were proposed at four locations
  • Technical surveys such as topographical survey, soil investigation and comprehensive surveys such as traffic surveys, willingness to pay for the facilities were conducted
  • Layout was developed as a combination of multi-storeyed terminal building, bus bays, car parking and commercial space
  • Smart elements and innovative features were adopted in the configuration of facilities and infrastructure


TTMCs have helped better traffic management in the city by way of:

  • Organised movement of buses
  • Provision of adequate bus bays
  • Prudent planning of facilities and infrastructure
  • Provision of commercial space for revenue generation




Our Company

Mahindra Electric (formerly Mahindra Reva) represents all that the Mahindra Group stands for: pioneering innovation, accessible design and technology, and global leadership. A forerunner in the EV market in India, we produced the e2o – an electric vehicle touted as the future of mobility.