We get a special postcard from the Lone Star state as Sheejo John, our man at Mahindra USA talks about life and work in Texas in Foreign Despatch. As the country gears up to deal with the changes GST will bring, Dr. Shukla holds forth on its implications in Trendwatch. In Industry Spotlight, we explore 3D printing, the technology of the moment and its applications at Mahindra.

Mahindra Pride School helped change one young man’s life, taking him from Punjab to the proverbial land of gold, Dubai. Read about Happy Sharma’s very happy story in Rise For Good. All this in addition to news and events from across the Group.

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Zarina Hodiwalla


Dear Readers,

Mergers are like marriages. For a successful partnership, you need some compatibility, a great deal of understanding, the ability to leverage strengths of both partners and commitment for the long haul. Without this resolve, the strongest of unions may unravel. In the course of its seven decade history, Mahindra has successfully weathered several partnerships which have resulted in substantial growth and value for the Group. We spoke with several businesses to track our M&A history over the past few years and from Pininfarina and Hisarlar to HZPC and Punjab Tractors Ltd., we managed to glean some interesting insights that have made their way into our cover story.

Music and business may seem like unlikely bedfellows but they actually have quite a bit in common. Just ask Deepak Joshi. The Business Excellence manager and tabla player draws several parallels between his work and his passion in After Hours.

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