Riding on the high of the recent recognition as the Best Company for CSR in India, in a study, by the Economic Times, the Rise for Good section is about the Mahindra Group’s effort to further education and skill enhancement in myriad ways.

In a shift from the old, Trend Watch this time is by Karthik where he discusses about digital trends for brands as well as the new Mahindra.com.

Our Foreign Despatch is from the mysterious Oriental – M&M’s Gopal Kulkarni who speaks Mandarin like a native and has taught the Chinese cooks to stir up Mumbai storms…

Read about vacations, which is serious business in Industry Spotlight where we follow Mahindra Holidays in the footprints it is making across the globe.

Global recruits get a special mention which traces back the programme since inception, when the first global recruit landed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, in Mumbai. Fast forward 13 years and we catch up with him in Special Features, regaling us with tales of his time at Mahindra.

In After Hours, Mario Nazareth, a man of many facets – talks about life as an accountant, acclaimed musician, conductor and choir leader.

I round off this issue with the News section and Vaidy's inimitable humour.

Happy reading!

Koeyli Jaluka

From the Editor’s desk

Dear Readers,

"Risin' up straight to the top...
Had the guts, got the glory...
Went the distance...
Now I'm not gonna stop"

I pound the pavements, feet stomping on the Worli Seaface, heart threatening to burst, running to the title song of Rocky – The eye of the tiger. And it gets me thinking about the year that has been, and what’s to come. Nine launches for M&M Ltd. - three brand new products, three refreshes and an equal number of variants.

The Cover Story attempts to capture the guts and the glory behind this ambitious aspiration that is turning into reality even as we speak. In fascinating chats with Dr. Pawan Goenka and his entire team, we learn what it takes to move mountains…
- Koeyli Jaluka

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