Adults may not have done the best job when it comes to running the world but in some parts of India, children are showing us the way. Rise For Good profiles the Bal Panchayat movement or Parliament of children which is driving positive change in rural India and moulding the leaders of tomorrow.

February marked the end of an era as Mr. B.R. Sule, a Mahindra stalwart for over 41 years, passed away in Mumbai. Our Chairman Emeritus, Keshub Mahindra and former Group CFO and Executive Director, Mahindra Group, Bharat Doshi recount their memories of this tall leader and his contribution to the Group.

After Hours profiles the passion of Brigadier (Retd.) Xerxes Adrianwalla, Mahindra’s Chief of C I & S who is a keen photographer, capturing moments of beauty in the most unexpected places, including a war zone. Special Feature chronicles the success of the After-Market Sector and its unique hybrid model, while Industry Spotlight focuses on Blockchain and its uses.

Only time will tell if the forces of disruption will dominate the discourse in 2017 as well or if the world will become a little more peaceful but till then, enjoy this issue of ME and do send in your comments and suggestions!

Zarina Hodiwalla


Dear Readers,

Wikipedia defines ‘Antifragility’ as a property of systems that increase in capability, resilience or robustness as a result of stressors, attacks, volatility or failures. In simple terms, it implies the ability to gain from disorder rather than with stand shock. In 2016, Antifragility became the word du jour as we grappled with a rapidly changing geopolitical and socio-economic landscape. From political strife to economic upheaval, the world appeared to be in a state of perpetual turmoil. Indeed, if we had to use a single term to describe this period of incredible change, it would be Disruption.

ME spoke with businesses across the Group to find out how they are equipping themselves to meet the challenges of the future in this changing scenario and strengthening their ability to become ‘anti-fragile’. Turn to our Cover Story to know more about how various businesses are dealing with this change.

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