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26 Jan, 2019

Second hand Luxury Cars Pip New Ones

An industry story on how the used luxury car market in is growing at a faster pace than sales of new vehicles. Muffadal Choonia, Chief of Brand & Mktg at MFCS was quoted extensively on they whys and hows of growth in this segment and how reduction of GST in used vehicles has also contributed to the ruise in sales of used luxury cars.

14 Jan, 2019

Mahindra Racing leapfrogs to top with d'Ambrosis win

Highlights the track record Mahindra Racing has built so far in Season 5. It also elaborates on the #1 position secured by Jerome D'Ambrosio at the Marrakesh race in early January.

14 Jan, 2019

How Mahindra is using tech to charge future of electric cars

The race to showcase the future of electric cars is actually being run on the Formula E racing circuit with a dazzling dose of technology power.

04 Dec, 2018

Old businesses tap startups for new ideas

A gleaming blue-and-white bus may not have been the first vehicle to grab attention at the Auto Expo 2018 last week but it was what was under the hood — and the collaboration behind it — that made it interesting.