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Total Impact Stories: 9

"What got me hooked was the family atmosphere and vibe I got from everyone at Club Mahindra"

Goa-based Mclee Anthony Vaz shares how his colleagues' support only bolsters his fighting spirit and 'never say die' attitude.

"It has been a great feeling that we were able to provide critical support to our guests"

Satish Kumar's split-second decision helped save the life of his guest at the resort.

Mahindra Group donates oxygen plants and ambulances to various state governments

The Group is supporting various government and public charitable hospitals in the states as part of its wide-ranging, empathetic response to the Covid-19 crisis.

"Everything changed when I joined Club Mahindra"

Varad Sanjay Parvatkar shares how physical limitations only served to fuel his determination, to prove to society that people with physical disabilities can participate fully and actively in life.

Secrets of success

How Mahindra Holidays sustained higher occupancies and membership additions even during the pandemic.

"I can never forget my struggles and life experiences''

From selling bidis to support his family to working in Club Mahindra, Maharashtra, Anwar Shaikh has come a long way.