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Total Impact Stories: 22

Giving back to those affected during the pandemic

From taking care of cremation needs to helping stranded truck drivers, our employees stepped up to ensure the dignity of the most vulnerable.

Helping the most vulnerable survive the pandemic

With the lockdown hitting hard the marginalised groups and daily wage earners, our employees stepped in to support those in need.

Lending a helping hand

Mahindra Group employees went out of their way to help daily wage workers and healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Easing the pandemic-related burden

From healthcare workers to daily wage workers, our employees did whatever they could to help these people out.

Saluting our Covid Warriors from across the Group

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, it hit hard. However, it also became the backdrop for each one of us to realise our exemplary courage, determination and resilience.

Volunteering to help others, despite undergoing hardship

Even as he faced a personal crisis, Manoj Tailor, an employee of Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh, supported his community during the pandemic.