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Celebrating Mahindra through commemorative stamp and magazine

A special commemorative stamp and magazine cherish poignant moments achieved by the Mahindra Group over decades

Living our purpose — celebrating Rise!

At Mahindra, ‘Rise’ refers to our purpose to enable and empower all our stakeholders – our partners, employees, communities, customers and more – by driving positive change in their lives.

Five generations of talent, a 75-year legacy

The employees of Mahindra Group represent a multi-generational talent that has contributed to the building of this global federation’s 75-year legacy.

Thrill of an SUV, pride of a nation

“Anand’s dream was to see Mahindra launch its own vehicles, designed by its engineers, which would be capable of competing with global players head-on.

Mahindra Sustainability Framework | Mahindra Group

United Nations Chief, Antonio Guterres, in a lecture held at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in September 2020, spoke about the innovative steps taken by Mahindra Group in embracing clean technology and contributing to a sustainable energy future.

Mahindra Cultural Outreach -- Building deep connections to diverse global communities

The objective of the Cultural Outreach initiatives is to support unusual art forms and reach diverse communities