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Mahindra Research Valley – becoming future-ready

A small two-storied building in one corner of the Nashik plant, housing a workshop with some drafting tables, prototype and fabrication shops, and the engine development centre – all rolled into one – was the sum total of auto R&D at Mahindra in the year 1993.

Mahindra, India's SUV specialist

If you look at the Mahindra portfolio today, you will see an automobile manufacturer that focuses on SUVs.

Thrill of an SUV, pride of a nation

“Anand’s dream was to see Mahindra launch its own vehicles, designed by its engineers, which would be capable of competing with global players head-on.

When the going gets tough, M&M gets going

The history of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) as a company can be mapped as a series of inflection points, often resulting out of inspired action or resilience in the face of a crisis.