Genze Introduces A New Traffic Solution With Smart, Connected Electric Bicycles

New e-Bike models are designed as an affordable alternative to cars, revolutionizing personal transportation in cities with clean, zero-emissions power

200-series e-Bikes connect to smartphone app, allowing riders to plan routes, measure physical effort, map distances covered, and connect with other riders

FREMONT, Calif. (Oct 30, 2017) — Silicon Valley-based GenZe has a new solution for people in crowded, gridlocked cities who want the freedom of efficient personal transportation – without the hassle, costs or environmental impact of driving a car.

The company is introducing the 200-Series e-Bike as the latest development in GenZe’s commitment to revolutionizing personal transportation. The new lightweight models with integrated battery and LCD display boast a range of innovative tech features not typically found on any two-wheel vehicle – especially a bicycle. These electric bikes aim to offer a viable alternative to cars in densely-populated areas, delivering the performance, comfort and interactive benefits that consumers demand in a commuting vehicle.

Uniquely, the 200-series models feature the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a GenZe companion smartphone app. This allows riders to measure their physical effort level while pedaling, map distances covered, plan riding routes and even connect with other users to track and gamify performance.

“Living with daily gridlock has unfortunately become the norm for many people,” said Tom Valasek, chief marketing officer for GenZe. “e-Bikes are the perfect solution to easily get around town – and they can even be your main vehicle – but you shouldn’t have to compromise technology, convenience and other benefits in your daily commute. To prove this, we developed these e-Bikes with innovative features, and intentionally made this technology affordable to encourage e-Bikes as a daily transportation option.”

According to Valasek, the GenZe app receives real-time data from a system of vehicle sensors throughout the e-Bikes, enabling the connected functions. An integrated LCD display in the bike’s frame shows trip data, riding mode and other info, while a built-in phone mount and USB charger are provided for added convenience. Much of the 200-Series’ connected technology was first pioneered by GenZe with the brand’s innovative 2.0S Electric Scooter, which debuted in 2015 as one of the world’s first smartphone-paired electric two-wheel vehicles.

“Our goal with these e-Bikes is providing a practical solution to traffic that is effective and fun,” said Valasek. “Since an e-Bike allows you to control your physical input better than a conventional bike, you can comfortably ride long distances and compete with friends via our smartphone app – even while commuting to work or running errands.”

In most U.S. cities, e-Bikes can go anywhere a conventional bicycle can go, including shared lanes, cycling paths and other dedicated bikeways. Since GenZe e-Bikes are also designed to be taken on public transportation, they also offer a convenient long-distance solution for commuters who need to cover the “first mile / last mile” of their trip.

According to Valasek, the GenZe 200-series e-Bikes uniquely offer three riding modes: Throttle (no pedaling); Pedal Assist (boosted pedaling); and Pedal (without power). The new models feature an easily-removable battery that can be plugged into any standard outlet for a quick recharge in 3.5 hours. A 350W motor provides 30-50 assisted miles at up to 20mph on a single charge. The GenZe 201 has a high-bar sport design while the GenZe 202 has a step-through frame. Both models are available in two lightweight aluminum frame sizes that are fully adjustable to suit a multitude of riders and rider preferences.

As part of a campaign to support the new e-Bike line, GenZe has produced a fun, short film highlighting the gridlock-solving benefits of the 200-Series models, entitled “Bent Out of Shape.” The film is viewable at the company’s YouTube page:

The 200-series e-Bikes retail for $1,899 and are available at and at select GenZe retailers nationwide. For more information on GenZe, including product details, retail locations and more, visit

About GenZe

GenZe has a simple motto: “Two Wheels. One Planet. Zero Emissions.” We are committed to providing easily-accessible personal transportation through e-Bikes and e-Scooters loaded with smart, connected technology and powered by sustainable, zero-emissions electric energy.

GenZe manufactures and assembles in Ann Arbor, Michigan with corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. GenZe is a division of the globally-expanding $19 billion Mahindra Group, which focuses on enabling people to rise through new and better solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. The Mahindra Group is a worldwide leader in aerospace, automotive, utility vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, clean energy, and more.

For more information on GenZe, visit us at or follow us on social media at, @RideGenZe on Twitter, and @RideGenZe on Instagram.

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