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Mahindra subsidiary PininfarinaAutonoMIA to enhance Drive Experience


Mahindra-owned Pininfarina, the automobile design house, has developed theAutonoMIAdemonstrator to support futuristic autonomous mobility

The Turin-based company Pininfarina, a leader in automotive design and engineering, has expanded its offering to launch a highly responsive, multi-sensory, on-board experience demonstrator, named AutonoMIA.

The tool will be used by designers to think about the future of driving. AutonoMIA is an immersive exploration of how technologies ranging from AI to 5G, display to haptics, sensors to natural interfaces can all be leveraged to re-enchant the driving experience. Different parties can build knowledge on the data extracted from its usage.

AutonoMIA is also an asset that can be leveraged, customised and developed further for Pininfarina’s clients. AutonoMIA was made possible thanks to several new strategic partnerships. The main collaboration is with ART. The Umbrian company brought its experience in creating user interfaces for automotive cockpits on board and provided its highly advanced and customisable infotainment platform. ART has provided AutonoMIA’s hardware and developed the needed middleware.

The application layer was designed and developed by Siili Auto, a leading Finnish automotive software development company. The seats and all the padded parts were supplied by ARAS.

Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO,Pininfarinasays, "AutonoMIAshows how Pininfarina may combine experience design with creative technology, reinventing the on-board experience at a time when digitalisation, connectivity, data and artificial intelligence are substantially redefining mobility. With its experienced design team and partners, Pininfarina today helps its customers through mobility experiences, which are getting more and more digital."

In the future, AutonoMIA will be able to build on the true augmented reality experience provided by Pininfarina's partner WayRay and its advanced holographic, full-colour head-up display technology and new applications for autonomous driving, urban mobility and infotainment.