• Mahindra Alfa

    Alfa alter

The Alfa is a three wheeler goods carrier designed to make the loading, transportation, and unloading of small cargos easier. 


We equipped the Alfa with the largest and strongest cargo box yet at 24.5 cubic feet, and then adapted the structure to handle oversize loads.  First, we enlarged the side panels to help secure tall loads.  Second, we lengthened the wheel base to improve stability.  Third, we installed a heavy-duty steering column.  Finally, we used four-point wheel mounting on every wheel.  An affiliated CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) model, the Champion, is also available upon request. 


We strive to improve your work experience.  The Alfa’s cabin is more comfortable with easy entry and exit and excellent cross-ventilation.  We know that many of our customers’ livelihoods depend on their vehicle, so we’ve made the Alfa the only three wheeler with a full 24-month warranty. We support you at every step along the way, from designing to driving.

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