• Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up

    Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up


Bolero Pick-Up

The Bolero Pick-up has been the market leader in the Indian pick-up truck segment for over a decade now.With its proven MDI engine that generates 195NM of torque, the tough and rugged Bolero Pick Up has been the preferred choice of customers with India’s varied terrain. In fact, the entire range of Bolero Pick-Up Single Cabins is built to help you conquer everyday challenges in comfort and style. It’s no wonder then that  over 600,000 customers have put their trust in the Bolero pick up till date.


Bolero Camper

The Bolero Camper is a double cabin pick up vehicle. Whether you have loads to deliver or places to visit, the Bolero Camper treats you and your cargo with kid gloves - no matter  what the terrain. Thanks to the spacious cabin, options of rigid and IFS suspensions and high ground clearance, you will never feel the exhaustion or discomfort of long trips. This means you get to your destination fresh, and ready to take care of business.


Bolero Maxi Truck

The Bolero Maxi Truck has the clean lines and macho grille of the Bolero utility vehicle, and the power and cargo space of a hard-working truck.  It lifts your livelihood—and your lifestyle.The Bolero Maxi Truck stands out in performance as well.  Move more loads faster at the top speed of 100 kmph.  Its 62 BHP engine powers the smooth transportation of heavy loads. We minimized the load on the engine with two innovations: a muffler designed to reduce the backflow of exhaust gases into the engine, and viscous fan technology that automatically switches off the cooling fan when engine temperature falls below a preset point. And our innovative micro-hybrid technology helps conserve fuel, saving up to 10 percent on fuel costs.

Bolero Maxitruck Plus

The Bolero Maxitruck Plus comes with all the legendary toughness of Mahindra. In fact it is built to take on anything the city throws at it. The BS IV engine builds up enough power to pull heavy loads effortlessly. And delivers 17.7 KM/Litre* even in stop-and-go traffic. The Bolero Maxitruck Plus is a pleasure to drive. The power steering takes away the effort from turning, and its low turning radius helps you get in and come out of the narrowest of lanes.

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