• Mahindra Scorpio

    Mahindra Scorpio

When we designed the Scorpio (known in Europe as the Goa) we started with a clean sheet of paper and just one thing in mind — our customers. Your needs became its features, and your destinations its motivation. 


For example, the Scorpio is built around a sophisticated all-original frame that is rugged yet forgiving. That gives you the flexibility to take Scorpio anywhere — from urban alleyways to glass-smooth highways to boulder-strewn trails — in confidence and comfort.


Your Scorpio can be equipped with a range of engines, from our highly efficient Micro Hybrid to India’s burliest diesel powerplant. You’ll smile when you press the accelerator to pass another vehicle and grin when you pull away from the fuel pump — it’ll be quite some time before you’re back there again.


The whole package is wrapped in the Scorpio’s unmistakably muscular styling. The prominent grille and bulging fenders give the Scorpio a dominating presence, and its upright stance means you tower over the road ahead.





Spotlight – Our Automobiles

Spotlight – Our Automobiles-video

Reliability and comfort in even our most rugged models. It’s no surprise why we’re the #1 SUV player in India

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