• Mahindra Tourister Buses

    Mahindra Tourister Buses

We built our Tourister range for comfort. 


Every Tourister’s two-tone, high-back seats are well spaced out to give you plenty of legroom, and the interior is bright and spacious.  We focused on the driver’s comfort too, putting in a cable-type gearshift with a shorter gear and an adjustable steering column.


Choose the Tourister Regular for general transportation needs, or take a step up with the Tourister CRDe or Tourister CNG.  The CRDe engine makes the Tourister drive like a car.  The CNG model saves you money on fuel.  Both models are equipped a rugged chassis with a tough front and rear axle assembly and constructed from quality materials that make them last in the harshest conditions.


We are also a leading provider of school buses thanks to our focus on safety and making the school bus ride a fun part of every child’s day. The Tourister School Bus’s bright and playful interiors, comfy cushioned seats, backpack storage below the seats, and child-sized steps are all tailored towards children’s tastes and needs.  Every bus has a notice board and speaker system for school-related news postings and easy supervision.  And it goes without saying that safety comes first. The Tourister School Bus has no-skid vinyl flooring to prevent slipping, a buzzer switch to signal stop requests, an emergency exit, first-aid kit, and fire extinguisher.


We offer 16-40 seaters, and also offer CRDe and CNG versions. All enjoy a 1+1 year service warranty.


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