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We entered real estate in 1994 because we saw an opportunity to transform the way society thinks about living and work space.  Today, our real estate initiatives are enhancing living standards and pioneering environmentally friendly construction in India.  Through our green developments, we’re demonstrating that sustainability and good living go hand in hand.  We partner with the Clinton Climate Initiative and Indian Green Building Council to create certified, state-of-the art green communities.


Our innovative integrated business cities are revolutionizing the way Indians work, live, and play.  Working with the Indian government’s Special Economic Zone scheme, we’ve created two brand-new cities designed to facilitate business excellence and a relaxed, healthy lifestyle.  We're excited to contribute to India's economic development with infrastructure that has positive impact on environmental and personal health.

Spotlight - Clients speak

Spotlight - Clients speak-video

World class infrastructure and connectivity - just some of the reasons why clients choose World City (Jaipur).

Did you know

We've completed 7.32 million square feet and 4.5 million more are under development.