• Duro-DZ


Check out the new Duro DZ—a solid scooter designed specifically for tough Indian roads.


A powerful 125 cc engine provides better instant pick-up and multi-terrain acceleration, making it easier for you to carry load, even on steep inclines and in tough road conditions. The Dual Curve Digital Ignition (DCDI) System delivers a mileage higher than other 125 cc scooters. Greater ground clearance enables manoeuvrability over speed breakers with ease and comfort. The longer wheelbase and improved braking system offer you better safety & stability on the road.


In other words, the new Duro DZ is designed to be the perfect scooter for carrying your family around. It not only looks stylish, we think it’s the perfect family scooter with immense power, great mileage and amazing stability, all set to give you and your family a comfortable and a safe ride. The award-winning Duro DZ comes equipped with some best-in-class features, ready to challenge the roads.


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