• Rodeo-RZ


The Rodeo-RZ offers superior performance.  Its powerful 125 cc, 4-stroke engine delivers a rush on the open road or in traffic.  Its telescopic suspension smoothes rough roads.  Its supercharged battery gives you a clearer horn, brighter headlamp, and instant startup.  And it’s packed with features to ensure your comfort and style.


We added a specially designed fuel tank inlet on the front, so you can stay seated while you refuel.  Your belongings are easy to fit and easy to find in the roomy, illuminated two-level compartment.  Need to recharge your cell phone on the go?  Do it with the Rodeo’s inbuilt USB port.  Or you can plug in your iPod or mp3 player to listen to your favorite music.


The Rodeo represents the best in innovation.  Our new four-in-one anti-theft key lets you central lock the entire vehicle with just one turn.  Once you’ve locked your Rodeo, a solid shutter blocks the keyhole to prevent hotwiring.  And we’ve enhanced the brake system to give you superior control, even in heavy traffic or monsoon conditions.


Check out the Rodeo’s sporty look.  Its athletic lines and graphics give it attitude and its colorful digital display is modern and chic.  With its sleek and sporty style, customized color selection, and dynamic reputation, the Rodeo is a statement. 


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