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The Swaraj brand has a rich history emerging from the spike in the demand for tractors during the Green Revolution of the mid-sixties.  The Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), a government agency, initiated the project of creating an indigenously built tractor.  Punjab Tractors Ltd purchased the design in 1970, and we inherited nearly forty years of experience when we acquired PTL in 2008.


The combination of Swaraj’s longstanding reputation with our cutting edge design and manufacturing has made the name Swaraj synonymous with power, reliability, and expertise.  We enjoy a market share of nearly 12 percent and a community of more than 700,000 satisfied owners in India alone.  We bring our customers excellent tractors and product support at 600 dealerships across India.  We are 2,100 dedicated, highly trained, and customer-centric employees working to bring you the best in farming equipment and customer support.


Our success lies in our commitment to fulfill a diverse set of customer needs.  We have models to suit small farms and large, first-time buyers and those seeking upgrades, and agricultural as well as commercial operations.  Our range of tractors starts from 22 HP to 72 HP, and we also offer compatible wheel-type and track-type harvesters.


In addition to our strong presence in India, Swaraj tractors are used across the world in the US, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ghana.  In each region we enter, we seek to provide farmers with tractors and implements precisely suited to their agricultural conditions, helping them maximize their prosperity.

Spotlight – Customers speak

Spotlight – Customers speak-video

Our tractors help to change people’s lives. Watch the extraordinary stories of everyday people.

Did you know?

We acquired Swaraj when it had under 5 percent market share and turned it around in less than two years, growing its market share to more than 12 percent.

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