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The concept of mobility is in the midst of significant change, driven by environmental concerns, oil economics, rapidly changing consumer needs, development of new technologies and integration of multiple disciplines in developing mobility solutions. Sobering facts like rising fuel costs and rapid urbanisation are just some of the reasons why the world is looking to newer, superior mobility solutions.


The future of the automotive industry is electric. As we worry about climate change, energy security, and the price of oil, technological improvements are making electric cars ever cheaper and more convenient.


We acquired a majority stake in the Reva Electric Car Company in 2010 to advance the design and production of electric cars worldwide.  By integrating Reva's electric car technology with our own leading engineering, we can build higher performance electric vehicles that satisfy customers’ demand both for better lifestyles and a healthy environment.


At Mahindra REVA, we are constantly seeking solutions to issues that range from the kind of products that will define the future and the technologies that will go into these vehicles to the intelligence that these vehicles will possess and the way they will be manufactured. These questions are shaping our vision of the Future of Mobility. The advanced vehicles of the future will not only offer unmatched features, safety, and convenience. They will also be clever and environmentally friendly.


The increasing fusion of electronics and IT with automotive technologies will give rise to vehicles with advanced intelligence and connectivity. Other developments in distribution models, financing options, flexible ownership models, personalisation of vehicles and greater choices across the ecosystem will further alter the entire experience of interacting with the mobility ecosystem.


As a total systems solution provider, we develop all our Electric Vehicle (EV) systems in-house. We are pushing EV technology to the next step to create better energy management, faster charging, and advanced telematics.  We offer innovative electric vehicles and mobility solutions, technology licensing, and licensed manufacturing and distribution.


We’re well established as a major global player with the largest deployed fleet of electric cars on the road today.  We’ve sold around 1,800 electric vehicles in Europe, and more than 1,700 are on the road across Asia and Central and South America.  In total, we’re present in 24 countries worldwide—and growing.  The Mahindra Group’s manufacturing expertise and wide global distribution network will help Mahindra Reva scale up production and spread green technology across the globe. 


In 2012, we inaugurated a new plant in Bangalore, with the capacity to build 30,000 vehicles per year. In keeping with our commitment to clean technology, the plant received a Platinum rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).  The new facility harvests rainwater, uses natural light and ventilation, and harnesses solar energy for electricity and heating.   With this clean manufacturing process of clean vehicles and a battery recycling program, our electric cars aim to have the lowest dust-to-dirt carbon footprints in the automotive world.


In 2007, Reva was named one of India's Coolest Companies by Business Today We received the 2008 Frost and Sullivan Powertrain Company of the Year award for excellent sales volume, market penetration, and customer satisfaction.  And in 2009, Business Week voted our founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chetan Maini, one of India's top 50 most influential people. In 2010, the Reva-i was crowned Car of the Year at the Overdrive & CNBC TV 18 awards.


In 2013, we were named amongst the Top 50 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company.


Beginning September 2014, Mahindra REVA and Mahindra Racing joined the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship. Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy. We are the only Indian team to join the new zero emission series. The innovative all-electric global race series will include 10 races in its first season in leading cities around the world, including London, Beijing and Los Angeles, designed to raise awareness about electric vehicles as well as help advance EV technology.


As pioneers of electric mobility in India, we are extremely thrilled to extend EV technology to the exhilarating world of the Formula E championship. This will not only help us develop next generation EV technologies, but will also catapult our product development capabilities to the next orbit. With advanced operations and expertise in electronics, IT, automotive technologies and manufacturing, we are already seeing the fusion of this technology into our electric vehicle operations. Racing will further accelerate that trend while Formula E is set to raise awareness globally about the benefits of electric vehicles.

Spotlight – Customers speak

Spotlight – Customers speak-video

Changing the world, one car at a time. Customers share their experiences on what makes the REVA so special.

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With customers in 24 countries, Reva cars have been driven for over 220 million kilometers.