As a global federation of companies, we see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change for all our stakeholders - be it our employees, or the communities which we are a part of. By making every aspect of our business sustainable, we re-affirm our commitment to a better world.

Rise for People

In over 100 countries around the world, we foster an environment of innovation and self-belief that empowers our employees to chase their passions. Through a variety of initiatives, we are enabling our employees to have fulfilling careers and contribute to society by volunteering both, their time and resources.

Rise for Community

At Mahindra, we believe that everyone has the potential to change the world, if given the tools to do so. Currently, our initiatives emphasize on tapping into this potential through our focus on key areas of education, health and the environment.

Rise for Governance

Ethics and good governance are part of who we are. They are the foundation on which we have built our federation of global companies. In fact, we have always been a pioneer in this area, setting benchmarks and implementing systems and processes well before they become legally mandated.

Rise for Sustainability

In addition to leading new green business endeavors, we are systematically transforming old practices. From increasing recycling, reducing waste, and conserving energy in our offices to restricting usage of hazardous substances in our manufacturing activities, we are taking huge strides forward in driving sustainability practices across our businesses.

How we do good

100,000 underprivileged girls educated

Provided access to healthcare to 72,000+ people in remote areas

9 million trees planted all over India

Water positive as a group

87% retention rate of women employees post maternal leave

38,862 employees invested 253,119 man-hours in community building in FY16

Voted India's Best Board by The Economic Times

Top Rating from CRISIL for governance and value creation

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