We are a US $20.7 billion multinational group, with a presence in more than 100 countries and employing over 240,000 people. Our operations span several key industries that form the foundation of every modern economy.

From our beginnings as a steel trading company in 1945, to becoming early pioneers of globalization, our portfolio today spans across a wide spectrum of products and services that unleash new modes of thinking, bringing to life unimagined possibilities.

With an unshakeable set of values, and a clear sense of purpose, we continue to pursue innovative ideas that enable people to Rise.

Chairman's Message

Anand Mahindra

Chairman, Mahindra Group


MD's Message

Dr. Pawan Goenka

Managing Director - Mahindra & Mahindra


Group CFO's message

VS Parthasarathy

Group CFO, Group CIO, President - Group Finance and M&A


M&M + MVML* Financials

₹ 41,895Cr.
₹ 5,656Cr.
₹ 3,706Cr.

Business Highlights

4 Launches
42.7% Market Share
34 Years
14,583 nos.
7 Launches
29.2% Market Share
51.3% Market Share
37,241 nos.

* Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Limited (MVML), was set up as a 100% subsidiary of the company with a view to sourcing contemporary products for expanding the market offerings of the company. Hence it is a critical part of M&M's business and only the combined results of M&M and MVML (Combined Entity) can provide a comprehensive view of the company's performance.

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