The Road to ‘CERO’ Waste

To curb vehicular pollution by scrapping vehicles that emit toxic gases, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry have proposed in a draft policy that buyers would not have to pay registration fees for new vehicles if they present a certificate. Mahindra CERO, a joint venture between Mahindra Accelo and MSTC (a Government of India enterprise under the Ministry of Steel) has already set up centers and is the first government-authorized scrappage center in India that has the power to certify the owners of scrapped vehicles.

CERO, meaning zero in Spanish, is showing the way forward by driving zero pollution, zero wastage and zero dependence on import of metal scraps. CERO provides a seamless end-to-end experience supported by official certification as it handles the entire value chain from collection of the vehicle until its official de-registration at the RTO.

Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, tweeted,” Scrapping is the next big business opportunity in India. Scrap your old vehicle; don’t pay a registration fee for the new one.”

India is the world’s fourth-largest car and light commercial vehicle market by volume and also the largest two-wheeler market by volume. A 15-year-old passenger car is responsible for polluting air 8 times more than a new one, and a 15-year-old truck is responsible for polluting air 10 times more than a new one. Tackling this problem head-on, the fully compliant, pollution-free recycling facility - CERO is operating with the twin objective of reducing pollution and making roads safer.

Bolero Already BS-VI Compliant

Come April 2020, all vehicles in India will have to meet stringent new Bharat Stage 6 (BS-VI) emission norms equivalent to the Euro 6 standards prevalent in Europe. Much ahead of this deadline, Mahindra Bolero Power+ model received a BS-VI readiness certification from the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) and became the first utility vehicle in India to be BS-VI ready.

With safety upgrades, the Bolero range is also now equipped with enhanced safety features like driver’s side airbag, ABS, rear parking sensors, seatbelt reminders for the driver and front passenger, a speed warning system, and a manual override for the central locking system.

Rajan Wadhera, President, Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “As the first milestone in our BS-VI readiness journey, we are delighted to get the BS-VI certification for the Bolero Power+. The Bolero is one of our highest selling SUVs and has been the first UV (Utility Vehicle) to be certified as BS-VI ready by the ICAT.”

The Bharat Stage Emissions Standards (BSES), introduced in the year 2000, are automotive emissions standards mandated by the Government of India to keep a check on air pollutants from internal combustion engines- both petrol and diesel.

At a substantial investment of Rs 1,000 crores, Mahindra has developed 8 diesel and 8 petrol engines (most petrol engines will be CNG ready) over the past 3.5 years to prepare for the BS-VI mandate and is fully prepared to meet the BSVI deadline of April 1, 2020, across all the product categories.

Driving Farm-Tech Prosperity

Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. has entered into a strategic research collaboration with leading Dutch ergonomics company, Keygene, to drive innovation and enhance the yield of key crops in global farming communities.

Through technological collaboration on various crop innovation platforms like genome insights, trait discovery, and digital phenotyping this partnership will help improve the sustainability and efficiency of farming businesses. This collaboration will ensure crop resistance to abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, and biotic stresses like pests and diseases, in MASL’s proprietary germplasm and help deliver superior hybrids in focus crops.

Ashok Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited (MASL), said, “This is the new age of farming that encompasses a range of advanced techniques to elevate the entire agri-ecosystem, through the provision of customized products and solutions.

KeyGene is a global leader in crop innovation and we will leverage their expertise, next-generation technologies, and trait platforms to develop highly productive and more resilient crops for both the Indian market and new geographies.”

Strong government focus on the improvement of the agricultural sector and rural development at large is expected to drive sustainable growth in the Indian agricultural sector. However, with increasing labor cost and scarcity of resources greater adoption of farm-mechanization is the only way forward to deliver farm-tech prosperity.

Digitally Yours

By offering a diverse range of professional services across different sectors, Tech Mahindra is supporting the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative, which aims to bring socio-economic transformation through information and communications technology. On one hand, Tech Mahindra is accelerating the move towards a cashless economy with the digitization of core banking processes, customer experience, customer relationship management, and security. They are also making smart cities more citizen-friendly and sustainable by propelling public service modernization in Bangladesh to drive ease of living.

Sujit Baksi, President, Corporate Affairs & Business Head APAC, Tech Mahindra, said, “Bangladesh is amongst the most prominent emerging markets in the Asian region, and we are seeing healthy traction amongst leading enterprises to leverage digital technologies for sustainable development and growth.

Tech Mahindra looks forward to leveraging its global expertise in digital transformation, and nurture the local talent in next-gen technologies to make the “Digital Bangladesh” vision a reality.”

With a sustained GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate of more than 7% and improved social indicators, Bangladesh is poised to become the third fastest-growing economy in the world in 2019.

‘Mahindra helped me Rise’

Every day employees work passionately to achieve and maintain the excellence that has become synonymous with Mahindra. It is the competencies, capabilities, and experience of the employees, that gets translated into the quality of products and services that add value to the Mahindra brand.

The Mahindra Group is building a workforce through practices and policies that nurture talent, foster stronger bonds and create future leaders across businesses. Kausalya’s story is a testimony to this very fact. She spoke to Echo about her journey and how it has given her the confidence to take every challenge and charge strongly ahead into the future.

Having been with Mahindra for the last 14 years, Kausalya proudly calls herself a ‘Mahindra Product’. Starting as a Brand Manager for commercial vehicle range, in two years she became the Corporate Sales Manager operating out of New Delhi and soon moved up to become the Regional Head of corporate sales for the North Zone. The Maximum City, Mumbai, had her back as the Senior Brand Manager for Mahindra XUV500 where she also handled market research. The growth trajectory propelled Kausalya into strategic management and then to SSMS, where she currently manages Mahindra’s electric car-hailing service - Glyd as the GM and is working on designing sustainable mobility solutions.

This professional journey, grappling with so many functional role changes, each with its separate set of capability requirement came with their own ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ for Kausalya. She made the move from pure marketing to sales, and in five years when she came back to marketing, the scenario had completely transformed with digital marketing coming into the foray.

With SmartShift, it was an entirely different experience, similar to setting up a ‘start-up’ within a large conglomerate. While Kausalya embraced the challenge, Mahindra helped her recalibrate by empowering her with strategic and operational freedom.

She recollects, “I was nurtured correctly. Mahindra gave me the exposure that I needed and empowered me with the opportunity to find areas in which my resonance frequency is very high. Had they not identified this at an early stage, I may have done more of the same and not been as invested as I am today. I was mentored by a team of champions who ensured that they put me up for success, always. In hindsight, I think this ecosystem made me fearless to take these risks.”

The evolution of Mahindra employees’ portfolio also mirrors the evolution of the Group’s aspirations. Today, Glyd is in a unique position where the world is interested in knowing what is happening in the EV world. Under Kausalya’s wings, SmatShift also attained great heights in two and a half years - from building a brand from scratch to expanding to 6 cities and clocking in thousands of transactions in a day. This ability to create something phenomenal, that has the potential to create value for Mahindra is the reason why Kausalya comes to work and proudly says - ‘I’m Mahindra’.

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