’Revv’ Up to a Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra recently launched a unique subscription-based initiative in partnership with Revv, a self-drive car rental platform. This unique, flexible ownership experience for customers of Mahindra's personal range of vehicles is an all-new, affordable and convenient way of using a brand new vehicle, without actually having to buy or own one.

Retail customers can choose from the entire personal-vehicle portfolio -- from KUV100, XUV500, XUV300, Scorpio, TUV300, Marazzo to the Alturas G4, at a subscription price starting from Rs 19,720 per month. The offer is inclusive of insurance and routine maintenance charges. Other highlights are zero down payments, no road tax, and zero risks on the resale value of the vehicle. Once the subscription period is over, the customer can either upgrade the models or return the vehicle to the company without the hassle of selling it and buy a new car instead.

The recently launched offer is available to professionals and SMEs across eight Indian cities -- Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad -- and will later cover 11 more cities over the next three months.

Veejay Ram Nakra, Chief of Sales and Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “With the changing era, (and) the millennials wanting to experience brands in different ways by avoiding long-term commitments - both in terms of time as well as and financial capital - we believe that it’s an appropriate time to look at convenience, flexibility, and affordability as the three key pillars to drive ownership experience. A subscription model is something that, in a sense, addresses all these three needs of today.”

Apart from this innovative subscription model, the Mahindra Group has partnered with Salesforce, Sitecore and PWC India to digitize the value chain for its automobile offerings. By deploying Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud and AI-driven insights, Mahindra is leveraging technology and connecting with customers at the need recognition stage to digitize the entire customer experience. Through this, the company plans to offer a seamless customer journey from online to retail. In turn, this will help Mahindra grow their customer base, connect with dealers to provide guided selling consultation and provide proactive customer service.

Plastic Surgery

Sustainability lies at the core of Mahindra’s business strategy and values. The Mahindra Group has been driving multiple initiatives across its businesses to protect the environment and the planet that our future generations will inherit. However, the recently concluded plastic collection drive, conducted across several Mahindra offices and factories, was different from the usual one-day campaigns.

Mahindra’s CIS team complemented the traditional awareness emailers with the distribution of cloth bags, to avoid the use of single-use plastic bag, especially for grocery and vegetable shopping. They also organized an exhibition-cum-sale of alternatives to daily use plastic items like glass, kitchen wares, jute bags, plants in ceramic pots, etc. at a special price for Mahindra employees. The CIS team distributed, 150 kg of manure which was generated from the wet waste composting done at Mahindra Towers, Worli, free of cost.

The key contributors to the plastic collection drive were -

  • Mahindra Towers, Worli - 952 kg of plastic was collected from 509 participants.
  • Mahindra Factory, Sewri - 82 participants accumulated 794 kg of plastic.
  • Mahindra MITC, Kandivali - 187 employees collected 304 kg of plastic.
  • Mahindra Gateway Building - 140 employees gathered 182 kg of plastic waste.

To ensure that no waste goes to landfill, the entire 2,232 kg of plastic that was collected was handed over to Shakti Plastics, a government-certified waste management company.

Tech Mahindra also recently banned single-use plastic across campuses globally as part of its ‘Don’t Be Plastic’ campaign. On the launch day, August 1, over 200 kg of single-use plastic was collected across 40 locations and given to NGOs for recycling.

C.P. Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra, said, “Minimizing the use of plastic is the need of the hour. It is time to recharge our planet to create a greener world. I urge one and all to join and support this campaign to create a sustainable future.”

MANA Buzzes With Activity!

Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) has become a hive of activity ever since the automaker partnered with Bees in the D, non-profit organization in Southeast Michigan thats turning yards and rooftops of Detroit into homespun apiaries. Thanks to this collaboration the recently installed ten hive-bee habitats at Mahindra’s Auburn Hills headquarters is ‘buzzing’ with thousands of honeybees.

Mahindra’s sweet partners - Bees in the D, is building a network of urban honeybee hives throughout Detroit, Southeast Michigan and Canada to preserve healthy, sustainable pollinator levels in an era of the vastly declining bee population. Three years and, more than a hundred hives and six million swarming bees later, the NGO is spearheading efforts to spread the importance of pollinators and the need for conservation of honeybees.

Rick Haas, CEO, MANA, said, “We know bees are in crisis and we’re happy to play any part in helping to fix that. Working toward bettering the communities of which our business is a part is the whole goal of Mahindra’s corporate RISE philosophy and this initiative certainly fits right in.”

Much of the food we eat depends significantly on natural insect mediated pollination- the key eco-system service that bees provide. With an increase in the use of pesticide and the declining natural habitats, the population of the honeybee (while not an endangered species like their cousin the bumblebee) is shrinking at an alarming pace.

Brian Peterson-Roest, the co-founder of Bees in the D, said, “They say one of every three bites of food you put in your mouth is dependent on pollinators, more specifically, honeybees. The stated mission of Bees in the D is to create a cooperative effort to contribute to both the health of honeybee colonies and the education of their importance to our environment. We heard a lot about the things Mahindra does and we are excited to now be a part of that team.”

The fresh honey that Mahindra employees will get to enjoy next year would be the end-product of a strenuous journey for bees. To put it in perspective, a bee must collect nectar from around two million flowers to make one pound of honey. Also, if one adds up all their distance traveled, bees fly more than once around the world to gather just a pound of honey!

However, all that Mahindra employees have to do to savor fresh honey is just wait a little longer. Though the MANA hives were installed too late this season to reap a robust honey yield, next year 3-5 gallons of fresh honey will be distributed to interested Mahindra employees. Till then the office will continue to ‘buzz’ with anticipation.

'I live my passion everyday’

We have all heard the term ‘Fauji Family’, but have you met a household that is known to neighbors, friends, and relatives as the ‘Mahindra Family’?

Meet Brunell Fernandes, Manager, Central Production Planning and Control department (CPPC), Automotive Division, from Mahindra Kandivali. She was initiated into the Mahindra clan long before she began her journey as a Graduate Engineer Trainee 12 years back. Her father Diago Fernandes after working with Mahindra for 40 years and coaching the Mahindra United Team, retired from the Purchase Department in 2010. Her brother Bradley Fernandes is currently with Component Development and Material Management (CDMM) and has been a proud Mahindrite for the last 15 years. And, if this is not enough to win them the ‘Mahindra Family’ badge, their preferred vehicle of choice is also a Mahindra XUV500.

“My connection with Mahindra goes back to my childhood. I remember traveling to school in the Mahindra MM540 with my mother on the steering wheel. I also grew up accompanying my family to various social events at Mahindra. I was always inspired by the culture and wanted my association with the Mahindra Group to continue,” she says. Once she completed her diploma and degree (BE) in Production Engineering, her dream came true when in 2008 she joined Mahindra at the Kandivali plant, where she spent eight years on the shop floor of the Engine department.

Brunell was the only woman on the shop floor for the first few years of her career. But the initial skepticism soon tapered off because of the supportive and inclusive work-culture at Mahindra. She managed the quality function and executed new changes on the shop floor in no time. Soon Brunell was representing her department at all levels.

Her colleagues recall how she spiritedly handled engines, the heart of the vehicle, and earned the name the ‘heart of the office’. Though Brunell moved to a different department three years back, the files and folders that she had decorated continue to add color to the shop floor.

Today, Brunell’s role in the planning portfolio has expanded. Right from taking inputs from the sales and marketing function to getting them implemented at the plant, Brunell ensures that the vehicles get rolling. She is also a member of the AFS Diversity Council and a part of the judging panel at SAE BAJA event, a platform for engineering students to design and manufacture an off-road vehicle.

With more than a decade of association with the Mahindra Group, Brunell believes she has the same spring in her step as she had on the first day. When we asked her the secret behind her infectious energy, the car and bike enthusiast replied, “Automobile is in my blood, and so is Mahindra. I live my passion every day as I enter these gates. I know that while I put in the hard work, God above is looking after me to help me Rise every single day.”

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