Mahindra Rises To Support India in the Fight Against Covid-19

We at Mahindra, have and will continue to find innovative ways to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, giving back to society is an integral part of Mahindra’s DNA and its Rise philosophy.

The Mahindra Group's efforts to fight Corona pandemic came in for appreciation from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Leading from the Front

Racing Towards A Brighter Future

Mahindra Racing celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 with a special episode of the team’s podcast, Straight Torque. The ‘Fight today for a better future tomorrow’ episode discusses plastic reduction on everyday household items, achievable sustainability tips and socially responsible initiatives that can have a positive impact on the environment and fight against climate change.

This episode of Straight Torque (Series 2, Episode 7) honours Earth Day with its special guest line-up. Renowned ABB FIA Formula E Championship presenter Nicki Shields was joined by the team’s CEO and Team Principal Dilbagh Gill, Formula E Senior Sustainability Consultant Julia Palle and Non Plastic Beach Co-Founder Gareth Dean.

Mahindra Racing set the sustainability benchmark by becoming the first Formula E team, and the second motorsport team worldwide, to achieve FIA Environmental Accreditation in November 2016. After an audit in 2019 the squad retained its two-star rating and remains the only team in the world’s all-electric motor racing series to be awarded the FIA’s environmental certification. Ahead of the 2019/20 season, Mahindra Racing continued to spearhead environmental campaigns with its Fanboost initiative; the plan to plant a tree for every vote the team’s drivers receive throughout the season.

Straight Torque was launched in January 2019 following the inaugural Diriyah E-Prix and has featured a number of special guests including Will Buxton, Manish Pandey and Paige Toon. It is available on all usual podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud and video versions for the second series are available on the team’s YouTube channel.

'We want to build a better future'

"We want to play our part in building a better future and reducing the risk of the disruption that runaway climate change would cause," said Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group, as part of an article titled 'The businesses urging governments to build back better from COVID-19', published by the ‘We Mean Business’ Coalition.

Mr. Ghosh also elaborated on the efforts by the Mahindra Group to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. "As corporations make an effort to enhance energy productivity there will be innovation and development of new technologies that will change the way we live and work," he added.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Academy of Leadership Development (ALD) recently held a webinar that addressed the many concerns that one might have regarding the current situation. Divided into six segments, the webinar focused on the physical, mental and social well-being aspects of social distancing.

The first segment dealt with how to recognize the warning signs of anxiety – what might be the beginning of a ‘worry chain’, and how our minds deal with possibilities and probabilities that may or may not arise from this health crisis. The presentation also points out the different physical symptoms of anxiety – inexplicable aches and pains, mood swings, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, difficulty in concentrating, etc., and provides a blueprint on how to retain a healthy sense of perspective.

The next segment is crucial to everyone who’s adapting – or trying to adapt – to working from home. It lays out a series of ways in which we can adapt to new working conditions, from developing a morning routine and dressing professionally to building a permanent work space and setting real work hours.

This segment includes tips on balancing the demands of working in a more chaotic environment – staying off social media, taking short breaks, using a planner, and using video chats to stay in touch. The steps mentioned can effectively help increase productivity during this period.

It is also important to prioritize our physical and emotional well-being, so one of the segment’s offered ideas on how to do just that – making sure that one has a heavy breakfast is one of them. So is ensuring that one gets up and walks around every 15 minutes or so, setting a flexible work schedule, etc.

Mental health is equally important and the webinar laid emphasis on how we can achieve equilibrium. Tips include meditation, unplugging from negative news, reducing screen time, focusing on gratitude, and staying properly hydrated.

That food can influence your mood is well-known. Solutions to manage your food include eating high protein foods and good fats, increasing protein and colourful vegetables, and cutting down on caffeine. The segment on D-O-S-E chemicals – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin – and how they help manage our moods was an eye-opener.

The closing segment dealt with how to manage the people around you – other adults, elders with underlying health conditions, children, and those in quarantine. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there was a reminder to seek help if dealing with psychological issues.

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Post Covid 19 four things are likely to change in the way we work.

1. Acceptance of WFH

2. Increased usage of VC in conducting meetings

3. Drastic reduction in business travel.

4. Fewer large events.

Will bring efficiency, agility and reduce cost. @MahindraRise.

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