Fighting the Good Fight

The Mahindra Group has been at the forefront of a concerted effort to help India in its historic fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Recent initiatives included the development and manufacturing of critical medical supplies such as ventilators and face masks; as well as the use of Club Mahindra resorts as Temporary Care Facilities.

The Mahindra Foundation would also be creating a fund to assist those most vulnerable to a financial fallout because of the current lockdown. Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has promised to donate his entire salary to seed this relief fund and has urged Group companies to set aside funds to assist those in their ecosystem hit hardest by the lockdown and subsequent economic shockwave.

Some of the other recent initiatives to fight against the impact of Covid-19 included-

1. Meals for migrants: In order to help migrant workers and daily wage labourers, the Mahindra Group opened communal kitchens in 10 locations across India. These kitchens supply 50,000 meals and 10,000 ration packets every week. Each kitchen can provide 10,000 meals a day. This infrastructure is free for anyone who wants to use it to provide meals in bulk.

2. Face masks: The Mahindra Group had offered to help anyone who wants to make face masks. Responding to this, Suhani Mohan and Kartik Mehta of Saral Designs reached out for help to mass-produce 3-ply face masks. The Group’s support has enabled the company to set up a face mask manufacturing unit within Mahindra’s Kandivali plant and produce 3,000 masks a day. There are plans to ramp up daily production to 10,000 masks. These masks are currently being distributed through the Mahindra Group’s CSR department to government hospitals, policemen, and other frontline corona warriors.

3. Free emergency cab services: Mahindra Logistics (MLL) has launched free emergency cab services in Hyderabad to support the fight against Covid-19. MLL’s Enterprise Mobility Business, ‘Alyte’, will provide a special fleet for non-medical emergency transportation. Targeted at single mothers, disabled individuals, senior citizens, etc., Alyte will provide rides for people who need to shop for essentials and medication, visit banks or access medical facilities. Alyte is also offering free transport services to doctors, nurses and emergency responders.

4. Sanitation services: Mahindra’s tractor-mounted sprayers, usually deployed on farms, are now being used by various municipalities in Maharashtra to carry out sanitation operations.

5. Curfew passes: A high-powered Tech Mahindra team put in dedicated efforts to help the Delhi Police roll out COMPASS – the Coronavirus Online Movement Pass System – to ensure the smooth movement of essential services, medical personnel and food supplies across the capital.

Pioneering Zero Waste to Landfill in India

‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ (ZWL) is a sustainability concept that encourages the redesign of resource lifecycles so that all products are reused. The goal is to ensure that no waste matter is sent to landfills, incinerators or the oceans. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India (MHRIL), a leading player in the leisure hospitality industry, recently set a sustainability benchmark when Club Mahindra Virajpet, its property in Coorg, Karnataka, was certified India’s first ZWL resort.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Club Mahindra,” said Kavinder Singh, MD and CEO, MHRIL. “This certification is the first step in our journey towards becoming India’s leading sustainable resort chain.”

Organisations with more than 99% waste diverted away from landfills receive the ZWL certification. Club Mahindra Virajpet recycles and reuses 99.32 per cent of its waste, a pioneering achievement. The resort was certified by Intertek, a renowned quality assurance provider to industries worldwide.

This certification was the successful culmination of a host of initiatives. The journey towards ZWL began in September 2018, when Club Mahindra first began by sourcing eco-friendly and biodegradable materials for its resorts. The resort made it a point to use materials like straws, laundry bags and packaging of bathroom amenities made from corn starch, disposable wooden cutlery, liquid soap dispensers (instead of soap) and bottled shampoos, etc.

Then, it began to identify and categorise waste, and authorised collectors and recyclers were hired to ensure its proper disposal. Food waste was converted into manure, sewage water was treated in a sewage treatment plant and used for gardening, and aerators were installed in the taps in every room to reduce water consumption. The resort also eliminated the use of bottled water on the premises. An organic garden was planted and rainwater was harvested for all outside use.

Find Your Healing Touch

The Coronavirus pandemic and the general lockdown imposed across India in its wake have forced us to reconsider and recalibrate our activities. From working from home to opting for Namaste instead of handshakes, our lives have been altered for good.

However, there is a lot we can do to contribute to the fight against coronavirus and climate change. Like coronavirus, climate change is also a result of our activities and hence, it is imperative that we remain focused on how we can bring in that much needed healing touch for the planet.

Here is a list by Mahindra Lifestyles of activities that you can do while at home:

1. Efficiently manage household waste: With urban services currently under tremendous pressure, we can take up activities such as segregating waste at home, avoiding the use of disposables, etc.

2. Pot composting at home: Once you segregate the waste, it just requires minimal effort to start composting at home which will help you manage biodegradable waste from your home.

3. Re-growing vegetables and herbs at home: While it may not be sufficient to fulfill all your needs, it is bound to pay dividends over the long run. And if you involve the kids and senior citizens at home, it will keep them engaged and divert their attention.

4. Conserving water at home: There are a million ways we can save precious water at home. From soaking utensils before cleaning to using RO filter water for mopping the floor, many of the steps are easy to replicate.

5. How about observing Earth Hour each day? We need to do all we can for the environment and sustainability. Try observing Earth Hour each day at your homes.

6. Tried lockdown cooking? A search on Google for lockdown recipes throws up 20,20,00,000 results. From simple Indian recipes for cooking with minimal ingredients, to easy desserts to enjoy during quarantine, the internet offers you a wide spread to choose from.

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