The All New Thar. Born Again.

A quantum leap in technology, comfort and safety, the all-new Thar is being eagerly anticipated by automotive enthusiasts across the country. The New Thar has been designed to appeal to people who want to own an iconic vehicle with all the contemporary bells and whistles. The all-new model however will not compromise on the Thar’s core promise – its legendary off-road capability and iconic design.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd will unveil the new generation model on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, through a live webcast on the official Mahindra Thar website and its other social media handles.

Ever since India became an independent country, The Mahindra Classics have enabled Indians to explore new terrain and have adventures they couldn’t have had before. The Thar has been the flag-bearer of this rich automotive legacy of Mahindra, and with this new generation model, the aim is to bring back the sheer pleasure of motoring.

As the purest expression of Mahindra’s automotive DNA, the newest Thar provides a unique blend of iconic design and unadulterated driving pleasure that few other vehicles can match. The close bond that The Mahindra Classics shares with the country’s journey of over seven decades records yet another milestone on this momentous occasion.

The all-new Thar will be unveiled on 15th August, 2020 through a live webcast on the official Mahindra Thar website (www.auto.mahindra.com/suv/thar) and its social media handles.

Catch the action on:
Website - www.auto.mahindra.com/suv/thar
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mahindrathar
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mahindra_thar
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mahindrathar
Youtube: www.youtube.com/tharmahindra
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This Independence Day, witness the Thar being born again in an all-new avatar! Till then, watch the teaser now: https://bit.ly/3fsuqWr

Partnering to Build UK’s Largest Battery Plant

Pininfarina, the iconic Italian design firm, will partner Britishvolt to build the United Kingdom’s first large-scale battery gigaplant. The project, situated in Bro Tathan, Wales, will help create the UK’s largest battery manufacturing facility, advancing the evolution of e-mobility.

The Britishvolt gigaplant will be situated over 80+ acres of green industrial park with a production capacity of up to 35 GWH. The focus for both companies is to design a facility that is both sensitive to its surroundings as well as open and welcoming to local residents.

With an unrivalled heritage in the transport and automotive sectors – and collaborating with automotive brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Peugeot for decades – Pininfarina’s revolutionary designs will ensure that Britishvolt’s gigaplant not only fits the purpose but is also an elegant representation of the future of UK’s automotive industry.

“Sustainable design is a necessary commitment to create social and economic value for future generations,” Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO, Pininfarina, said about the partnership. “Britishvolt’s aim is to become the world’s first zero carbon battery manufacturer,” said Orral Nadjari, CEO and Founder, Britishvolt, adding that it aligned perfectly with Pininfarina’s expertise in creating green, high-tech and innovative environments.

“We have been able to draw on the expertise gained in the automotive world, and apply this to architecture,” said Giovanni de Niederhäusern, Pininfarina’s Senior Vice President of Architecture.

Pininfarina has always prided itself on encompassing local culture and community needs within its spaces while creating new paradigms of eco-sustainable and zero emission mobility. Having been at the vanguard of electric mobility in 1978 with the Ecos automotive prototype, Pininfarina is fully committed to offering significant electric propulsion solutions in various segments of the mobility ecosystem.

Safety First and Fast

Tech Mahindra has launched Mhealthy, a comprehensive solution powered by new generation technologies to enable data driven digital diagnostics to enable workforce and community safety against COVID-19.

Mhealthy enables the screening of individuals at the workplace at regular intervals to check for COVID-19 risk factors such as co-morbid conditions, immunity status and biomarkers of infection. Mhealthy seamlessly connects health providers with employees, tracks and monitors the overall health of the workforce, provides scalable results through real time dashboard and audio/ video health consultation thus reducing consultation time and action.

Commenting about the development, CP Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra, said, "As the world looks to return to work, there are concerns both for the employer and the employees pertaining to the perceived risks and safety measures. The team at Tech Mahindra has understood and scoped for both by creating our solution - Mhealthy. Not only does the solution do an instant risk assessment on COVID-19, but also additionally screens multiple factors.”

As part of the launch event, Tech Mahindra also plans to conduct a three-day screening campaign for over 4500 members of Press Club of India in New Delhi. Tech Mahindra also plans to roll-out phase-wise screening starting with third-party vendors across its India offices.

Mhealthy platform is ISO 13485 – 2016 certified, Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) cleared, clinically tested and compliant with all government mandated regulations, and guidelines. Key attributes include a 96% accurate antibody test along-with over 32 screening tests on a single platform.

Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are happy to extend the benefits of this health solution to our COVID-warriors from the media industry and conduct exclusive screening for them at the Press Club of India. This special initiative reiterates our commitment towards our people, and the society in safeguarding from COVID-19. The solution enables smooth screening, creating a safe work environment for all.”

Rebalancing the Balanced Scorecard

Environmental resilience has proven to be an esoteric concept for most businesses. A recent McKinsey study indicates that even though many companies had considered Sustainability to be of prime importance, very few have a sustainability agenda integrated in their daily operations and strategies.

There have been efforts to make organisational performance measurement holistic. The most successful one has been Robert Kaplan and David P Norton's the 'Balanced Scorecard', which achieves its balance by incorporating financial and non-financial parameters, outcomes and inputs, and both short-term and long-term actions across four perspectives — financial, customers, internal process, and learning and growth.

The scorecard was developed when the climate conversation was just starting. It is, therefore, not surprising that climate action and social impact are conspicuous by their absence from parameters used to measure organisational success even in organisations that are renowned practitioners of the balanced scorecard.

The McKinsey study estimates that sustainability actions can impact EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) by 70%. They could have an even bigger impact on enhancing resilience of an organisation. Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects reduce cost and carbon footprint. Heat recovery is a huge source of savings, natural resource efficiency and process improvement.

Repurposing waste either results in saving cost or adding value, or both. Waste metal sold as scrap to a dealer gets much lower value than waste metal sold as input to a firm using an electric arc furnace. If waste steel is repurposed into another product — such as a transformer core — then the value obtained from it is many times higher compared to selling it as scrap. Food waste and sewage are both sources of natural gas and excellent fertiliser for crops.

Water harnessing not only reduces risk of operation where water resources are scarce but also reduces pumping and sourcing costs in many situations. If done in a manner where water bodies are created inside the campus, it results in enhanced biodiversity and a pleasant work environment. Recycling wastewater has similar advantages. Paying for tanker water and flushing it down the drain or using it to water landscaped areas, is a criminal waste of a scarce resource and money.

Diversification of a product portfolio by adding climate-friendly alternatives — for instance, addition of electric two-wheelers to the regular line-up opens up a new revenue stream — helps access a new breed of consumers and mitigates regulatory and market risk. Most businesses selling electrical equipment have remained relevant by totally revamping their product portfolio in the last five years with new products being incredibly more energy-efficient than the older ones.

This article was first published in The Economic Times. Click here to read the complete story.

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