Embodying the Spirit of Service

Ever wished you could be part of something bigger and more meaningful than yourself? Eager to make a positive impact on the community you live in and touch lives around you?

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others, said Mahatma Gandhi and nothing could be more relevant in these challenging times. As the world battles COVID-19 and stands mute witness to widespread disruption, genuine concern for fellow human beings has become one of the most critical starting points to rebuild a better world and get back on the path of stability and growth.

Serving communities has always been an integral part of the Mahindra Group’s DNA since its foundation in 1945. This ethos has underpinned the Group’s social efforts – be it the initiatives to combat Corona or supplying fresh produce to underprivileged communities in the US.

Continuing the Group’s legacy, Mahindra employees have pledged to contribute 750,000 volunteering hours to increase the well-being of communities in India and around the world. About 92,000 Mahindra employees clocked 3.3 million hours in volunteering from 2005 till the last financial year ending in March 2020 – no mean feat.

The newly launched MySeva volunteering effort is part of the ‘Spirit of Service’ initiative unveiled at the start of the Group’s 75th anniversary celebrations. MySeva aims to celebrate employees who devote their valuable time doing small or big acts of kindness throughout the year, and also enthuse everyone to participate in this noble cause.

An internal portal has been launched wherein employees can upload all the work being done by them as part of the Spirit of Service endeavor. The portal will enable employees to share their personal stories of volunteering and will be run along with the company's Employee Social Options (ESOPs) volunteering program.

The MySeva portal has already started filling up with some amazing volunteering work, shared by Mahindra employees:

  • Gauri Rajadhyaksha is working to provide holistic care, nutrition and accommodation to children affected by cancer and their families.
  • Dinesh Koyiloth has invested 60 hours in an online campaign to fight COVID-19.
  • Dr. Vijay Pawar has so far volunteered 153 hours in donating immunity booster medicines to truck drivers during the ongoing pandemic.

What are you waiting for? If you believe you can volunteer your time and energy for the greater good, this is the right time to put thoughts into action. Come, join the Mahindra effort – visit the MySeva portal today - http://spiritofservice.mahindra.com/

Presidential Style by Pininfarina

VinFast, the Vietnam-based automaker, recently unveiled its fastest and most expensive vehicle to date – the VinFast President. Built in a limited edition of just 500 units, the President is one of the most powerful SUVs in the world today. Designed by Pininfarina, the President is a masterpiece from the world’s youngest auto maker.

Priced at 3.8 billion VND (USD 164,000) for the first 100 customers and at 4.6 billion VND (USD 198,000) for the other 400, the President is aimed at customers who mirror VinFast’s vision – those capable of leading, influencing, and sharing their vision, and who have a strong will to rise. The powerful SUV, with its 8-speed automatic transmission, and a full-time 4-wheel drive system, can accelerate

For Pininfarina, the President is just one step forward in its collaboration with VinFast. The Italian design studio had already developed the exteriors and interiors of the LUX A2.0 sedan and LUX SA2.0 SUV – the two show cars that the Vietnamese auto major unveiled at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Pininfarina defined a recognisable brand identity for VinFast, developing a specific design language that references not only the country of Vietnam but also the Vingroup and VinFast brands.

Elegant, Powerful, Majestic

Pininfarina pulled out all the stops for the President. The exterior of the President has the iconic ‘V’ on the diamond-shaped grille to represent both Vietnam and VinFast; and front and rear LED strip lights to enhance the car’s sophisticated appearance.

The large, sporty dual exhaust pipes effectively support the V8 engine’s smooth run and helps it achieve optimal performance. The President also impresses with its luxurious and sophisticated details – customers are spoiled for choice with Gold, Copper Bronze, Gun Metal or Metallic Silver colours for the logo, roof rack, door braces, car steps, wheel, front and rear bumpers, as well as 18 exterior paint colours.

Luxurious, Comfortable, Exclusive

The interior is the last word in luxury and comfort – both front and rear rows have massage, heating and ventilation facilities, and spacious leg room. All seats are covered with premium Napa leather, and the premium wood veneer is custom-made for the President, creating a unique ‘ID’ for each vehicle and ensuring its exclusivity. The entertainment console is a definite upgrade. A large seven-inch multi-function display, a 12.3-inch centre screen and 13 high end speakers give the customer a quality ‘car for the leader’.

With the President, Pininfarina furthers its position as the most sought-after brand in the ultra-luxury car segment featuring incredible designs and exclusive models.

Sparking A Change

Which brand tops your mind when you think of sturdy vehicles made for Indian road conditions? Well the answer is simple: Mahindra! And in the case of electric three-wheelers? Well the answer remains the same – Mahindra again!

Surprised? For over seven decades, the Group has been synonymous with vehicles that have carved a niche for themselves in the Indian automobile market. The Mahindra Treo, India's first electric three-wheeler powered by a lithium-ion battery, is the latest to join the long list of vehicles that have rolled out of Mahindra’s stables.

A quintessential Indian vehicle, designed, developed and manufactured in India (except for the battery cell), the Treo has cumulatively travelled a distance of over 35 million kms on Indian roads – the first by an Indian electric three-wheeler.

Commenting on the significant milestone, Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO, Mahindra Electric said, “Given its low running costs, our Treo customer has been able to save up to Rs. 45,000 per year.”

Hardly surprising then that the Treo has crossed the 5,000 units sales milestone. The Mahindra Treo range is currently being sold in over 400 districts across the country. The electric 3-wheeler, with its unique styling, superior handling and spirited performance, makes for a smart first and last mile mobility solution for both drivers and commuters.

Treo customers clock up to 265 kms in a single day given the ease of charging it anywhere, and with some well-planned charging breaks. One of the most amazing facts about Treo owners is that a sizeable number of them are women! The Drive by Wire Technology on the Treo makes it particularly easy to drive, making it a popular choice for them.

Mahindra in India is sharply focused on taking e-mobility to the masses through its electric three-wheelers and four wheelers in the shared mobility space. “We are working towards localizing EV components for all segments making global EV platforms here in India from 48 Volts to 650 Volts,” Mr. Mahesh Babu added. “We will soon expand the Treo range with the addition of Treo Zor (cargo variant) for first and last mile deliveries.”

Three factors have created a conducive environment for the country’s switch to EVs: strong government policy support for electric three-wheelers, very low running costs and, better performance than LPG and petrol powered three-wheelers.

Treo Stats

  • Life of 1.50 lakh+ kilometres.
  • Best-in-segment performance (maximum power of 8kW, peak torque of 42 Nm)
  • Longest wheelbase in its segment resulting in a very spacious cabin
  • Highest gradeablity of 12.7 degrees in the segment enables climbing of slopes with ease
  • Standard warranty of 3 years/ 80,000 kms; extended warranty of 2 years/ 1,00,000 kms

It’s Time to Speak Up

Workplaces around the world have gone virtual in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the new realities have unleashed new dynamics, employers need to guard against sexual harassment that can mar even remote workspaces.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Mahindra Group has always prioritised a safe, friendly and transparent workplace. The Group’s POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy has been regularly updated to reflect the realities of changing times. It now even covers both physical and psychological safety at the workplace. Last year, the Group launched the Speak Up campaign, to spread awareness about POSH. The initiative was aimed at rooting out any situation and/or behaviour that could be deemed harassment of a sexual nature.

In the new normal, as homes transform into workplace adjuncts, the focus of the campaign has been broad based to cover even virtual offices. “At Mahindra, we believe in providing a safe and inclusive workplace to all our employees,” says, Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group Human Resources & Communications. All POSH-related matters are treated with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality, with a fair hearing to all parties involved.”

Sexual harassment is broadly defined as unwelcome advances, requests of a sexual nature, physical touch or behaviours that foster a hostile or offensive work environment, or that can interfere with an employee’s work performance.

So, what constitutes sexual harassment in remote working scenarios? It includes comments of a sexual or discriminatory nature being made during voice/ video calls, dressing inappropriately on video calls, emails, texts or chat messages requesting sexual favours, inappropriate and/or unsolicited comments, jokes, pictures, or GIFs sent via email, text, or chat messages, and stalking on social media.

The Group’s POSH policy is clear and unambiguous. “Our gender-neutral POSH policy provides protection against any form of sexual harassment at work. Please do not hesitate to ‘Speak up’ should you feel harassed at work,” said Mr. Irani.

Mahindra has made it simple and easy to raise a complaint under the POSH Act. In the inadvertent situation of an employee facing sexual harassment, the employee has to simply submit a complaint to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) within three months of the incident. The committee is mandated to issue a notice to the respondent within seven working days of receiving the complaint. The ICC has to conduct an inquiry and submit a report within 90 working days, and it will be acted upon by Mahindra within 60 working days.

“Mutual respect, trust and collaboration build a better work environment,” adds Mr. Irani. If any employee has faced sexual harassment in the workspace, physical or virtual, or knows of anyone who has, it is time to ‘Speak Up’. And rest assured that the Mahindra Group will take prompt and appropriate action, without prejudice.

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