Happy World EV Day!

Pioneering change has been the success mantra and hallmark of the Mahindra Group. This heritage finds resonance in Mahindra Electric’s mission to revolutionize mobility through electric vehicle technology in the country.

To accelerate the transition to EVs, Mahindra Electric, along with other global companies, have organized the first ever World EV Day - to be held on September 9. The annual event, created by sustainability media company, Green.TV, celebrates e-mobility and aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport, with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

Commenting on Mahindra’s role in celebrating World EV Day, Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility, India, said, “World EV Day is a great forum for us to discuss the next big ideas for the global markets and we take this opportunity to launch our MESMA 48 platform globally.”

Coinciding with World EV Day, Mahindra Electric announced the global launch of its MESMA 48 platform, one of the most utilised EV technology solution architecture’s. The platform is highly scalable, cost-effective and offers globally competitive quality. It has powered over 11,000 EVs on Indian roads till date, and it can electrify a range of vehicles including three wheelers, quadricycles and even compact cars.

Anand Mahindra Gets Top Global Award

‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’ –this axiom is an apt summary of Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra’s leadership and business acumen. Mr. Mahindra was recently honoured with the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum’s (USISPF) 2020 Leadership Award for his exemplary vision in promoting bilateral ties between the US and India.

The award was conferred on Mr. Mahindra during the USPSIF’s third Annual Leadership Summit titled “US-India Week: Navigating New Challenges”, convened virtually in Washington DC from August 31 – September 3, 2020. Dedicating the award to his colleagues, Mr. Mahindra said, “Thanks to their spirit of enterprise, we have seven businesses in the US.”

USISPF, a non-profit organisation, plays a significant role in fostering a robust and dynamic relationship between the US and India to drive economic growth, entrepreneurship, innovation, and employment growth. Each year, the USISPF recognises two business leaders who have displayed leadership and ambition in strengthening the US-India bilateral economic partnership. This year, Shantanu Narayen, Chairman & CEO, Adobe, also received the award along with Mr. Mahindra.

The Mahindra Group has been present in the US for over 25 years through partnerships with several US corporations including American Motors, Chrysler, International Harvester Company of Chicago, Otis Elevators and Ford among others. The Group’s US investments total more than one billion dollars, and the businesses continue to expand in both urban and rural areas. If the Mahindra Group is seen as contributing to US-India business ties, said Mr Mahindra, the honour belongs to his colleagues, “and it is on their behalf that I accept this award.”

The week-long summit included a range of strategic discussions between the USISPF’s board members that includes 21 Fortune 500 CEOs and senior government officials from both countries. The summit highlighted areas of bilateral co-operation including trade and investment relations; strategic energy ties; India’s position in global supply chains; collaborations in fintech, healthcare, and technology; building a fair tax regime to attract FDIs, etc. It also hosted a public discussion between Dr Anish Shah, Deputy Managing Director, Mahindra Group, and Joseph Semsar, US Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade.

New Metropolis Makes Stunning Debut

The days of having to choose between design, safety and technology are over. The Peugeot Metropolis, the world’s most technologically advanced premium three-wheeled scooter, has continually pushed the limits of performance since its launch in 2013.

Now, Peugeot Motocycles has just launched the 2020 version of its gorgeous three-wheeled scooter. The Peugeot Metropolis – the only three-wheeler on the market borne of an automotive brand – is returning, stronger and more powerful than its forebears.

The sharp, angular design, its intricately drawn silhouette and lines reflect the Metropolis DNA, now enhanced by unprecedented automotive technologies. LED lights masked in black and chrome provide the look of a feline ready to spring. ‘Peugeot Metropolis’ and 400i badges enhance the side body.

Primed for Safety

Designed for urban and peri-urban travel, the 400i continues to build on the brand’s state-of-the-art vehicle design and its cutting-edge safety technologies. A spacious 17L boot under the front seat, an additional boot in the rear, as well as a large glove compartment provide more than adequate storage.

All-new Braking System

The latest Anti-Locking Braking system is complemented by a secure powerful Synchro Braking Concept, rear-front combination brake system, for better control. The emergency brake automatically trips warning lights which enhance the vehicle’s visibility. The system is triggered not only when the vehicle accelerates past 50km/h but also when it decelerates at more than 5m/s – this is the first time that this system, which was developed for automobiles is being offered on a three-wheeler.

Smart Key Tech

Smart Key technology connects the rider to the vehicle from up to 1.5 m away, allowing riders to start their vehicles contact-free, as well as open the boot or fuel tank cap, and disconnect the electric parking brake – all at the touch of a button!

Staying Connected

Premium rides demand premium connectivity, and the new Peugeot Metropolis delivers! A completely redesigned dashboard showcases an anti-clockwise tachometer and a 5-inch TFT screen that provides access to i-Connect features via the Peugeot Motocycles app. It allows riders to connect their smartphones to the dashboard and make any necessary adjustments before getting on to the scooter.

Going Digital

The bend-by-bend navigation system, designed specifically for Peugeot scooter travel, is simpler than a conventional GPS and shows riders exactly where to turn and at what distance. The dash also displays calls and messages received as well as traditional information such as the fuel level, range, consumption, battery charge level, date and time – all on a raised meter that allows the rider to focus on the road and yet access information at a glance.

Both the new 2020 Peugeot Metropolis models – Active and Allure – can be further customised with an anti-theft device, seat protection cover, vehicle protection, smart phone holder, high comfort back rest, etc.

Planting the Seeds of Future Prosperity

Did you know that despite being the world’s second-largest potato farming nation, India lags in yield per acre, producing only 8.5 tonnes per acre? The reason-- the lack of appropriate farm machinery and traditional potato planting methods which have resulted in low yields. However, that is all set to change.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES) has launched the all-new advanced precision potato planting machinery called PlantingMaster Potato +. This machine will initially be available in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Gujarat, the key potato markets of India. “We need advanced farm machinery to drive up yield and improve quality,” said Mr. Hemant Sikka, President, FES. “With the PlantingMaster Potato + we are bringing this technology to Indian farmers,” he added.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Belgium-based Dewulf, a global leader in potato machinery and Mahindra & Mahindra’s partner based in Europe, the PlantingMaster Potato + is uniquely suited to Indian farming conditions. The new technology was piloted in Punjab in 2019 and resulted in a 20-25% increase in yields over traditional methods.

The PlantingMaster Potato + ensures a high level of accuracy in planting potatoes, ensuring uniform depth and seed-to-seed distance. Ridges created over planted potatoes have the right level of soil compaction, ensuring enough water, sunlight, and space to grow for the plants resulting in better crop quality and increased yields.

The PlantingMaster Potato + will be available for sale in Punjab and UP, and for rent in both UP and Gujarat through Mahindra’s rental entrepreneur network. “We are offering easy finance and rental options to make this new technology accessible to Indian farmers,” said Mr. Sikka. As always, the purchases are backed by a one-year manufacturing warranty and easy access to spares and service through Mahindra dealerships.

Take a look at the ingenious mechanism that allows perfect potato plantation every single time:


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